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Official Plan Review: Official Plan Amendment #150

Official Plan Amendment #150

This amendment implements changes to various parts of the Official Plan as recommended by the comprehensive 5-year review, required by the Planning Act, and undertaken by the City in 2013.

Official Plan Amendment (OPA) #150 was approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on April 24, 2014. Notice of the Approval was given on April 30, 2014. Appeals to all and to parts the Amendment were received. In considering the appeals of the whole of the Amendment the Ontario Municipal Board determined that the City needed to complete additional reviews related to Employment Areas, the Agricultural Resource Area and the planning timeframe of the Official Plan. Further changes to address these issues were made through Official Plan Amendment #180.

OPA #150 is available in English PDF only at this time. When Amendment #150 comes into full force, it will be translated and formatted to be included with other Official Plan amendments.

Amendment 150 (Approved by MMAH; Appeal Period Pending)

The legal amendment adopted by Council and approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Some parts of OPA 150 have been repealed by OPA 180 adopted by Council on the January 25, 2017 and approved by the Minister on the August 8, 2017.  

On November 8, 2017, parts of Official Plan Amendment #150 came into effect and those changes have been consolidated into the online Official Plan.

Schedules to Amendment 150 (and Annotated Official Plan)

The following maps, which remain under appeal, show changes to land uses for individual or groups of properties or replace and update maps in the official plan.

Schedule S35 Natural Corridors [ PDF 3 MB ] 

Schedule S36 Natural Corridors [ PDF 3 MB ] 

Schedule S37 Natural Corridors [ PDF 3.8 MB ] 

Schedule C Primary Urban Cycling Network [PDF 1.2 MB]

Schedule E Urban Road Network [PDF 1.9 MB]

Schedule J Primary Rural Cycling Network and Scenic Entry Routes [PDF 1 MB]