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Jockvale Golf Community - Area 13

[Amendment 23, April 13, 2005]

1.0 Development Policies

Area 13 is located west of Jockvale Road, south of Cambrian Road and contains the westerly nine holes of the 18-hole golf course community to be constructed on a 700-acre land holding. In combination with part of Area 12, Area 13 is predominantly a planned residential community with a collector road system that is transit supportive. A large neighbourhood park and a planned school/park facility at the southeast corner of Cambrian and Greenbank Roads will provide active recreational amenities to the community.

1.1 Land Use Components

Schedule A is the Land Use Plan for the Jockvale Golf Course Community (Area 13).

Its components are:

The Golf Course

This subdivision will contain the remaining nine holes to complete the 18-hole golf course winding through the residential community.


Will consist of one category:

  • Low/Medium Density (i.e. Low Density up to 16 uph net, comprising single detached dwellings and Medium Density up to 35 uph net, comprising ground oriented townhouses or “golf villas”) arranged in clusters. Medium Density development will generally have direct access to collector roads.


Parkland will be provided on the basis of a minimum of 0.8 ha/1,000 persons for neighbourhood facilities and a minimum of 0.4/ha/1,000 persons for community park space. Parks will be strategically located with respect to access and land suitability. The sites will be of sufficient size to accommodate active recreational playing fields.


Provision has been made for a school/park facility at the southeast corner of Cambrian and Greenbank Roads. Should the identified school site not be required for the development of a school, the Low/Medium Density residential designation shall apply without the need for an amendment to this plan.

1.2 Population

Area 13 has been designed to accommodate approximately 1200 dwelling units at build-out.

Based on the expected age profile of the residents in Area 13, a relatively low average household size of 2.5 – 2.7 ppu is anticipated. At build-out, Area 13 is expected to provide living accommodation to some 3,000 to 3,240 people.

1.3 Transportation

Schedule A shows the major circulation system planned for the community. The locations shown for collector roads are approximate only and subject to adjustment as part of the detailed subdivision design. Emphasis will be placed on facilitating pedestrian, cyclist and transit movement through the golf course community. The transportation system will also provide for ease of pedestrian and cyclist access to complementary institutional facilities.​


The proposed collector and arterial road system providing access to the community is consistent with the recommendations of previous studies, including the South Nepean Urban Area Master Transportation Study (1977). Provision for realignment and widening of Jockvale Road and widening of Greenbank and Cambrian Roads will be made within abutting plans of subdivision, severances and site plans.
Local streets will be organized to provide direct access to the collectors. The road system will be designed so as to maximize vistas toward the golf course.

Public Transit

The community will be served by bus transit, connecting to the extended transitway servicing South Nepean. The internal collector system has been arranged to permit the spacing of transit stops within 400 metres walking distance of all parts of the community.

Pedestrian Movement

An on-street sidewalk system will be provided that consists of sidewalks on both sides of collector streets and on one side of most local roads as warranted, given the number of dwelling units accessed by the local road and the length of the particular road. The sidewalk system will be transit and pedestrian supportive. Cart paths along the golf course fairways will not be part of the public walkway system.

1.4 Services and Stormwater Management and Utilities

Internal and external servicing constraints for Secondary Plan Area 13 have been identified. The following reports were used in the review:

  • RMOC Water Master Plan 1977
  • RMOC Wastewater Master Plan 1997
  • South Nepean Urban Area Master Servicing Study (J.L. Richards)
  • South Barrhaven Serviceability Study, 1993 (Cumming Cockburn Ltd.)
  • South Nepean Phase III Lands, Master Drainage Plan, 1997 (CH2M Hill Gore & Storrie)
  • Jockvale Servicing Study, 1999 (Cumming Cockburn Ltd. and CH2M Hill Gore & Storrie)

The 1999 Jockvale Servicing Study, referred to above, illustrates the proposed system of trunk storm and sanitary sewers to serve the area, as well as the proposed water distribution plan for the area. With the exception of the most westerly part of Area 13 paralleling the Greenbank Road, (the storm drainage from which will outlet into a new stormwater facility to be constructed in the vicinity of the intersection of Greenbank with the Jock River), the storm and sanitary sewer trunks and the feeder watermain providing service to Area 13 are located on the Jockvale Road. Similarly, hydro, gas, telephone and cablevision services to extended into Area 13 are located on the Jockvale Road.

1.5 Environmental Protection Measures

Requirements of all levels of government for environmentally responsible construction as manifested in the subdivision and site plan control approval processes will be followed to adequately protect and enhance the features on-site.

1.6 Urban Design Policies

When considering Zoning By-law amendments and site plans, Council shall consider the following guidelines:

  1. Integration of different housing types will be encouraged to foster community development. Long rows of townhouses should be avoided in order to encourage diversity in the built-form;
  2. A variety of streetscapes throughout the community should be created in order to foster a sense of identity, especially at the entrances to the community and at highly visible locations along collector roads;
  3. The provision of adequate on-street parking by examining street layout and mix of unit types;
  4. Housing designs should minimize the projection of garages beyond the main front wall of the dwelling entry features should be afforded prominence and double driveways across the curb should be discouraged in order to reduce the dominance of automobiles on the streetscape;
  5. Collector roads shall be designed to discourage cut-through traffic but at the same time provide for efficient movement through the entire community and various phases of development. They shall be aligned to afford vistas of the golf course, open spaces and parks, and environmental features that are to be preserved;
  6. Neighbourhood service streets, which shall be designed to function as local streets, should be arranged to maximize vistas towards the golf course and prominent natural features, while providing pedestrian connectivity to the community facilities.

1.7 Phasing of Development

Development within Area 13 will be initiated at a collector road entrance off Jockvale, south of Cambrian at the site of both the trunk sanitary and trunk storm outlets for the area. Construction will proceed from north to south, first in the eastern portion of the site and secondly, when the Greenbank Road stormwater facility is completed from north to south in the westerly portion of the site.

2.0 - Implementation

The implementation of this Amendment to the Official Plan documents shall be in accordance with the respective policies of the Official Plan of the former City of Nepean and Council Adopted Ottawa Official Plan.