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Volume 2b - Site Specific Policies

This is a consolidation of the Volume 2B of the Ottawa Official Plan as adopted under by-law 203 of 2003 by Ottawa City Council on 14 May 2003. This consolidation incorporates the text language changes to the Secondary Plans as approved by Ottawa City Council.

This consolidation is provided for convenience only. Reference should be made to the original certified documents which are on file with the City Clerk.

Former City of Kanata

5.7 Centre de ville

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PDF Files - Volume 2B

City of Ottawa Official Plan – Volume 2B
Site Specific Policies

PDF Documents

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Table of Contents


Former City of Cumberland

  • 4.11 Town Centre Secondary Plan (Former City of Cumberland)
    • 4.11.1 Town Centre Objectives
    • 4.11.2 Land Uses
    • 4.11.3 Transportation and Parking
    • 4.11.4 Servicing
    • 4.11.5 Visual Environment and Urban Design
    • 4.11.6 Implementation
  • Schedules – Orleans Town Centre

Former City of Gloucester

  • 7.2.1 Commercial Activity Areas
    • Core Activity Areas

Former City of Kanata

  • 5.7 Town Centre
    • 5.7.1. Background
    • 5.7.2. Vision Statement
    • 5.7.3. Goals, Objectives and Design Principles
    • 5.7.4. Broad Issues
    • 5.7.5. Land Use Designations
    • 5.7.6. Other Issues
    • 5.7.7. Transportation
    • 5.7.8 Implementation
    • 6.9.4 Policies for Retail Uses in the North-West Area of the Town Centre
  • Schedules – Kanata Town Centre

Cleary and New Orchard Area (Table of Contents)