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Heritage day

Celebrate Heritage Day - February 20, 2018

Celebrate Heritage Day with the theme “Heritage Stands the Test of Time” Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at Ottawa City Hall.

Heritage Day is part of Heritage Week, a nation-wide celebration that encourages all Canadians to explore their local heritage, to get involved with stewardship and advocacy groups, and to visit museums, archives, and places of significance.

In celebration of our past and future, this year’s theme “Heritage Stands the Test of Time” is designed to inspire Canadians to embrace, explore and enjoy our enduring heritage. 

Ottawa has so much to celebrate, with human occupation that extends over 10,000 years: built on unceded Territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation, settled by Francophone and Anglophone pioneers, and now home to a diversity of peoples.

Working towards Reconciliation, the City of Ottawa is committed to better understand its millenary history and to restore its relationships with Algonquin Anishinabe Host Nation, First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

This year, Mayor Jim Watson will recognize the importance of this theme by offering the proclamation to Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin (Algonquin Way Cultural Centre) and Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Cultural Education Centre – two cultural centres that work resolutely on the preservation, interpretation, and revitalization of Algonquin Anishinabe heritage and culture.

Heritage Day is a chance to recognize the contributions of the many dedicated staff and volunteers promoting heritage conservation and educating the public about our city’s history.

Join the Museums and Heritage Programs Branch in partnership with the Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa at Ottawa City Hall and browse informational displays and mingle with over 40 exhibitors at the 2018 Heritage Showcase.

Find out how heritage is being celebrated in your community; and learn about services offered by local heritage organizations, public programs and special initiatives, as well as professional development and volunteer opportunities. Embrace, explore and enjoy your enduring heritage places and experiences in Canada’s Capital during Heritage Week February 19-25, 2018 and throughout the year!

Event: Heritage Day 2018
Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Jean Pigott Place, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Celebrate Heritage Week - February 19-25, 2018

The National Trust for Canada encourages Canadians to celebrate Heritage Week and its 2018 theme:  Heritage Stands the Test of Time. 

There is so much to celebrate:

  • Our collective history is told in our languages and our music, in photographs, maps and documents, in regalia, objects and traditions – so many treasures passed down through history to the present day.Learn more about the tangible and intangible heritage of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, of the many cultures that came after, and of our new Canadians. Visit museums, historic sites and cultural centres that help preserve and share this heritage for posterity.
  • Our special places endure as physical records of the people and events that shape our past and our future.  Our heritage buildings were built to last!  Often made of materials that are durable and environmentally friendly, their re-use, re-purposing and renewal results in less construction and demolition waste than new construction.  And our cultural landscapes bear the imprint of generations of Canadians.
  • Our stories endure!  Some have been retold for thousands of years. Our traditional knowledge keepers, educators, parents and grandparents have stories to share that help us understand the past.          

In celebration of our past and our future, Heritage Stands the Test of Time is designed to inspire Canadians to embrace, explore and enjoy our enduring heritage.