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Recreation facilities

Recreation Centre locations

Recreation Centres are full service sites where you can register for courses and activities in your neighbourhood.

Community centre locations

Community Centres are full service sites where you can register for courses and activities in your neighbourhood.

Rental Information

Search for a rental space

Find the perfect rental space, by using the rental facilities search tool.

Hall and facility rentals

Hall and gym rentals are booked through the facility.  Check availability and then contact the recreation centres for booking or submit a Rental Request Form.

Pool rentals

Pool rentals are booked through the facility. Check availability and then contact the pools.

Pool rental rates

All rates include the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).  Additional fees are required for Lifeguards.

Prime Time
Pool Category Rental Category Minor Adult/Senior Commercial Special Event Daily
Wave Full $128.40 $353.85 $353.85 $353.85  
Wave Half Pool $64.20 $177 $177    
Wave Quarter Pool $32.30 $88.55 $88.55    
Leisure Full 25 m $58.90 $162.20 $162.20 $162.20 $1,058.40
Leisure Full 50 m $117.75 $324.40 $324.40 $324.40


Leisure Half 25 m $29.50 $81.15 $81.15 $162.20 $529.30
Leisure Quarter 50 m $29.50 $81.15 $81.15    
Leisure Quarter 25 m $14.80 $40.60 $40.60 $81.15 $518.90
Standard/Outdoor Full 25 m $55.10 $151.75 $151.75 $151.75  
Standard/Outdoor Half Pool $27.60 $75.95 $75.95    
Standard/Outdoor Quarter Pool $13.90 $38.05 $36.20    

Non Prime Time

Wave Full $64.20 $177 $177    
Wave Half $32.20 $88.55 $88.55    
Wave Quarter $16.15 $44.40 $44.40    
Leisure Full 25 m $29.50 $81.15 $81.15    
Leisure Full 50 m $57.90 $162.20 $162.20    
Leisure Half 25 m $14.80 $40.60 $40.60    
Leisure Quarter 25 m $7.40 $20.35 $20.35    
Leisure Quarter 50 m $14.80 $40.60 $40.60    

Pool Rental Definitions

Minor: 18 years of age and younger

Adult: 19 to 64 years of age

Senior: 65 years of age and older

Commercial: An activity that has the intent of generating a profit. This activity may involve the sale of goods or services or may require a registration fee prior to participation.

Special Event: A gathering to participate in, celebrate, or view the outcome of an activity, effort or commitment.

Prime Time
Weekdays: 3 to 9 pm
Weekends and Statutory Holidays: 8 am to 5 pm

Non Prime Time
Weekdays: Opening to 3 pm and 9 pm to closing.
Weekends and Statutory Holidays: Opening to 8 am, 5 pm to closing.

Room Rental Rates

All rates include the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).  All Rates are per hour.

Program / Meeting Rental

Size Small Medium Large Extra-large
Category B A B A B A B A
Not for profit activity $7.20 $12.15 $9.40 $15.15 $12.15 $19 $15.85 $23.70
Private activity $29 $34.25 $37.70 $42.80 $49 $53.50 $63.30 $66.75
Commercial activity


$52.15 $52.15 $65.10 $67.70


$88.05 $101.75
Special Event Without Liquor
Size Small Medium Large Extra-large
Category B A B A B A B A
Not For Profit Activity $30.80 $35.40 $40 $45.90


$59.75 $67.45 $83.15
Private activity


$53.85 $53.85 $67.15 $69.85 $83.95 $90.80 $104.90

Commercial activity

$56.10 $72.95 $72.95 $91.90


$113.95 $123.25


Special Event With Liquor
Size Small Medium Large Extra-large
Category B A B A B A B A
Not for profit /  Private activity $53.85 $69.85 $69.85 $87.30 $90.80 $109.05 $118


Commercial activity




$118.50 $123.25 $148.10 $160.20 $185.15
Specialized Studios Rental Rates Per Hour
Size Small Medium Large

Not For Profit Activity


$9.55 $19.40
Private Activity $29.90  $38.80 $55.10
Commercial Activity $41.75  $54.30 $84.75
Gym rental rates
Size Half Gym Full Gym (2 Sect.) Full Gym (3 Sect.)
Not for profit activity $26.15 $44.70 $59.55
Private activity $45.10 $63.95 $78.90
Commercial activity $61.95



Rental definitions

Activity category
The activity category determines the fee to be applied to the rental and is based upon what the group is doing in the facility.
Not for profit activity An activity that fits with the Parks and Recreation Branch mandate and is not intended to generate a profit. This activity must be open to everyone.
Private activity

A not for profit activity that does not fit with the Parks and Recreation mandate and/or is intended for select members of the community.

Commercial activity An activity that has the intent of generating a profit. This activity may involve the sale of goods or services or may require a registration fee prior to participation.
Program / Meeting, Special Event
Program Meeting Special event
A course or activity. An assembly for discussion purposes. A gathering to participate in, celebrate or view the outcome of an activity, effort or commitment.
Hall Size Categories
Small 0 to 50 people
Medium 51 to 100 people
Large 101 to 200 people

201 or more people

Hall size categories
Category A

Category A listings have comparatively more amenities than Category B halls

Category B Category B listings have comparatively fewer amenities than Category A halls.
  1. Commercial and trade show rentals are to be negotiated with individual Facility Managers.  
  2. Gymnasium rates apply for sports activity usage. Where halls are not available in a given location for meetings, and gyms are assigned for this purpose, the applicable hall rate will apply.    
  3. Community and Recreation Associations that provide programming on behalf of the Parks and Recreation branch or who have written agreements with the Parks and Recreation branch will continue to have access to facilities at no charge or as per their existing written agreement. An appeal process is available to resolve questions of status interpretations and/or based on technical grounds.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a payment?

You can pay your account:

  • Online - You will then be asked to enter your Barcode and PIN Number
  • By cheque
  • In person

Why was I invoiced?

If you have received a blue invoice it is because your payment to Centralized Allocations is overdue and it has been sent to our Accounts Receivable Department for invoicing and collection.

How do I book a hall or gym?

Hall and gym rentals are booked through the facility.  Please contact the facility directly for more information regarding availability and rates.

Who do I contact to book volleyball nets?

For Beach Volleyball Net Rentals, please phone 613-580-2424 ext. 16966.

Who do I contact to book National Capital Commission (NCC) parks?

For more information about NCC parks, including: Vincent Massey, Major Hill, Confederation square, Hogs Back, Rockcliffe park, please contact the NCC directly at 613-239-5000.

Who do I contact for information about outdoor rinks and wading pools?

Please contact Seasonal Recreation at 613-580-2590 or

Who do I contact for information about Splash pads?

City of Ottawa splash pads operate daily from 9 am to 9 pm beginning mid-May until mid-September.  For more information on splash pads, please contact Seasonal Recreation at 613-580-2590, or

Where can I find information about Public Skating?

You can find more information online, or by contacting City Wide Sports by phone 613-580-2854 or e-mail

General terms and conditions

Contract Holder: Please read all of these provisions

The Contract and the Contract Holder

  1. The contract holder must be the full age of 18 years.
  2. The contract holder must have a copy of the contract readily available at all times.
  3. The person who signs the contract must be duly authorized to do so on behalf of the contract holder (and of the sponsoring organization, if applicable.)
  4. The contract must be signed and a copy left on file with the appropriate City Permits Clerk before the first scheduled contract date or access to the facility may be denied.
  5. The contract holder and the sponsoring agency cannot transfer or assign the contract without prior authorization from the City of Ottawa (“the City”).
  6. It is the responsibility of the Contract Holder to make all members of its group using the City facility aware of the terms and conditions of the Ottawa Rental Contract, and to provide the members with a copy of these terms and conditions, if requested.

The Event

  1. The use of decorations or special effects, not provided by the City of Ottawa, must comply with public safety and fire regulations and be authorized in advance by the Facility Supervisor.
  2. There is to be no charging of admission, collection or sale of refreshments except as authorized on this contract. Furthermore, the distribution of refreshments and food products, which are deemed to be in violation of non-competition clauses, will not be permitted during facility concession operating hours.
  3. The City of Ottawa shall seek full restitution for damages caused to the City facility or equipment by the contract holder, its employees, volunteers or attendees, arising from the use of the facility. The City will apply the complete (or a portion of the) deposit to cover any damages. The City may also take such other action as may be deemed necessary to offset any costs incurred by the City of Ottawa resulting from the use of the facility/premises by the contract holder.

Application of other laws

  1. The contract holder must comply with all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal by-laws (including but not limited to those relating to taxes, copyright fees, and licensing matters) and shall be responsible for any associated taxes, fees, tariffs and levies that may apply to the use of the facility/premises and function for which this contract is issued.
  2. The contract holder must comply with all applicable rules and regulations, policies and procedures of the City of Ottawa, all City By-laws, including but not limited to By-laws that prohibit smoking, the Noise By-law, Signage By-law, and Parks By-law.
  3. For liquor related contracts; all permits, licenses and levy receipts must be obtained by the contract holder and displayed in the immediate area where the alcohol is to be consumed, sold or distributed.
  4. The consumption, sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at City of Ottawa facilities/premises unless authorized by the City of Ottawa and unless the appropriate permits and licenses have been obtained.
  5. The contract holder must comply with the City of Ottawa Municipal Alcohol Policy and the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario as it relates to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Special Occasion Contract regulations.
  6. The City of Ottawa may require that door monitors and trained alcohol servers be provided by the contract holder.
  7. Permission to use City of Ottawa facilities/premises in no way constitutes approval to engage in any unlawful activity or conduct in a manner that would violate any Federal, Provincial or Municipal Law.

The Facility

  1. The contract holder shall use City of Ottawa facilities/premises, equipment and furnishings provided in a manner consistent with their intended use.
  2. Space is allocated for the dates stated on the contract only.
  3. Only the areas identified on the contract(s) are to be used by the contract holder or sponsoring organization, unless prior authorization has been received from authorized City of Ottawa Staff.
  4. All exits in the facilities must be kept free from obstructions in case of fire or other emergency.

Safety and Responsibility

  1. The contract holder shall attend the event for which the contract was issued and be responsible for decision making during and after the event.
  2. The contract holder shall ensure the physical setting in the rented facility is kept safe for participants and the general public attending the event.
  3. If the contract holder becomes aware of activities or conduct during the use of the facility that could lead to personal injury or property damage, the contract holder shall take immediate and decisive action to prevent participants and the general public attending the event from engaging in these activities or conduct.
  4. The City of Ottawa may require a security plan to be submitted by the contract holder and/or the presence of police officers or security guards may be required during the event, the cost of which shall be borne by the contract holder.
  5. In the event of an incident the contract holder must follow the Incident Reporting Procedures described below. An incident includes bodily injury to the contract holder, a participant and the public, or damage to City of Ottawa property or third party property.
  6. Call 911, when Police, Ambulance, Fire etc., assistance is required.
  7. Immediately advise an onsite City of Ottawa staff of the incident. If a City of Ottawa staff is not readily available, for major incidents call 311 to report or, for minor incidents, contact city staff within the next working day.
  8. The contract holder, the sponsoring organization, their employees, volunteers and agents, shall cooperate with City of Ottawa representatives, police, investigating authorities and the insurance companies involved in the incident and, shall provide City staff access to all rental spaces.


  1. Contract holders and sponsoring organizations renting City facilities/premises to conduct low risk activities are strongly encouraged to maintain liability insurance coverage to a limit of $2,000,000.00 inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death and damage to property in one of the following forms; Commercial General Liability, Special Events Liability, Home Owners’ Personal Liability, Tenants or Condominium Owners’ Personal Liability.
  2. At the discretion of the City, contract holders or sponsoring organizations renting City facilities/premises to conduct medium or high risk activities will be required to maintain the above insurance and if requested by the City, such insurance shall name the City of Ottawa as an additional insured there under. The City of Ottawa may require the contract holder or sponsoring organization using City facilities/premises for medium or high risk activities to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the above insurance coverage prior to holding the described event.
  3. The City reserves the right to increase the limit of insurance required. Compliance with the above insurance requirement is the sole responsibility of the contract holder or sponsoring organization.


  1. The contract holder agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City of Ottawa from all claims, demands, causes or action, loss, costs or damages that the City of Ottawa may suffer, incur or be liable for resulting from the contract holder’s negligence, acts or omissions, obligations, failure to adhere to the terms of conditions related to the holding of the event described in the contract.

Payments and Invoicing

  1. The contract holder shall be held responsible for payment of the contract. Payment is due as specified on the contract.
  2. Should payment not be received within 30 days of the due date, an invoice may be issued for the total overdue balance. An overdue account is subject to compounded interest of 1.25% per month. Interest accrues daily from the due date on each invoice until the account is paid in full.
  3. Should the payment continue to be in arrears after 30 days of the invoice, the City may suspend the right of the contract holder to use the public space, facilities or properties within its jurisdiction until all arrears are paid in full.
  4. Credit card payments totalling $5,000 or greater (within a one month period) will be charged a fee of 1.99%, as authorized by City of Ottawa By-Law 2013-191. The City’s Accounts Receivable Unit will issue a blue invoice monthly for these fees. (Visit for Accounts Receivable payment options and terms.)


  1. Contract holders must give to the City ten (10) working days notice, in writing, before the day of the event to cancel or request a modification to their rental contract. Thirty (30) days written notice is required for events such as, but not limited to, tournaments, camps, special events or trade shows. For large events, additional conditions may/will be outlined in the contract. Refunds will not be granted once the notification period has expired. For Arena contracts, please refer to Clause #11 of the Specific terms and conditions for arena use.
  2. If you request and are granted a modification to the rental period in accordance with item #33 noted above, you will be provided with an amended Rental Contract reflecting the approved modifications, for your information. Please take notice that the terms and conditions of your signed Rental Contract will continue to apply to your rental and use of the facility, and are binding on you.
  3. The City reserves the right to cancel the rental contract at any time in the case of emergencies or when unforeseen circumstances arise. In such cases the City will make every effort to provide the contract holder with 24 hours notice of cancellation, however, such notice may not be possible in all circumstances. In the case where the rental period is for more than one day’s use, cancellation may be made on any one or more of the booked dates. The City will make every attempt to grant the contract holder access to the premises at another time or allow a proportionate rebate for the period of rental time cancelled.
  4. The City shall have the right to cancel the rental contract immediately without notice if, in the opinion of the City, the contract holder or any person(s) using the facility with the consent of the contract holder, wilfully damages City of Ottawa property, displays misconduct, unlawfully consumes alcoholic beverages, is in violation of any terms of this rental contract or a City By-law, City regulation or any applicable Federal or Provincial law.
  5. The City of Ottawa will not provide public space, facilities and/or properties within its jurisdiction to an individual or group that supports or promotes views, ideas or presentations which promote or are likely to promote discrimination, contempt or hatred to any person on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, sexual preference, or disability, gratuitous sex and violence or denigration of the human condition. The City reserves the right to cancel a contract if any of the above-noted circumstances arise.
  6. If a refund is requested, a Refund Request Form must be completed and submitted to City staff for processing. A Processing Fee of $15 will apply to all refunds, whether by cheque or credit card, and will be processed within 21 days of the receipt of the completed Refund Request Form. Otherwise, the refund will be credited to your account and can be left on your account for two years. After which, refunds will be issued automatically and subject to a $15 processing fee.
  7. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract could result in the immediate suspension of the contract(s) or a written warning. A second incidence of non-compliance will result in the cancellation of the contract.

Note: These terms and conditions are reviewed annually.

Community buildings

Many community buildings are subject to individual operating agreements with the City. Please note that booking and rental procedures, fees and services may vary.

Community building locations have been divided into two categories; East and West. The dividing line follows the Rideau Canal and continues south along the Rideau River. The buildings are listed alphabetically.

East Community Buildings
Centre Name Address Contact for Rental information
Aquaview Community Hall 318 Aquaview 613-824-0633 ext. 221
Banff-Ledbury Pavilion 1250 Ledbury 613-247-4817
Beacon Hill North 2130 Radford 613-748-1771
Bearbrook 8720 Russell 613-824-0633 ext. 221
Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall 190 Glen Park
Carlsbad Springs 6020 Piperville Road 613-824-0633 ext. 221
Centrum 255 Centrum ( Orléans) 613-580-2424 ext. 15930
Fallingbrook  679 Deancourt 613-580-4765 ext. 32060
Fred G. Barett 3280 Leitrim 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Greenboro Pavilion  14 Tapiola  613-580-2424 ext. 32643
Greely 1448 Meadow 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Kenmore 3242 York Corners 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Metcalfe 2785 8th Line 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Navan Memorial Centre 1295 Colonial  613-824-0633 ext. 221
Notre-Dame-des-Champs 3659 Navan  613-824-0819 ext. 282
Osgoode 5660 Osgoode Main  613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Pierre Rocque 1257 Joseph Drouin 613-824-0819 ext. 282
Queenswood Heights 1485 Duford 613-580-4765 ext. 32060
R.J. Kennedy 1115 Dunning 613-824-0633 ext. 221
Roy G. Hobbs 109 Larch  613-580-4765 ext. 32060 
Sarsfield 3583 Sarsfield 613-824-0633 ext. 221
Vars 5717 Rockdale 613-824-0633 ext. 221 
Vernon 7950 Lawrence 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
West Community Buildings
Centre Name Address Contact for Rental information
Alfred Taylor 2300 Community Way 613-489-3975
Bayshore Community House 175 Woodridge 613-828-5100
Beaverbrook 2 Beaverbrook  613-592-4435
Bridlewood 63 Bluegrass 613-271-0712
Carsonby Community Hall (Harry Craig) 6045 Prince of Wales 613-489-2601
Cavanagh (Ashton) 8930 Flewellyn  613-831-2832
Chapman Mills 424 Chapman Mills  613-822-7887
Charlie Conacher 30 Wessex  613-580-2424 ext. 46686
Constance/Buckham's Bay 262 Len Purcell  613-832-1954
Corkery 3447 Old Almonte
Craig Henry 135 Craig Henry  613-829-8303
Dick Brûlé 170 Castlefrank 613-435-6200
Dunrobin 1151 Thomas A. Dolan
Eva James Memorial 65 Stonehaven 613-271-0712
Fisher Heights Community Place 31 Sutton 613-226-9627
Fitzroy Harbour 100 Clifford Campbell 613-623-5241
Fringewood 14 Fringewood 613-580-2532 ext. 20707
Galetta 119 Darwin 613-623-3890
Glen Cairn 186 Morrena 613-836-6340
General Burns 86 Argue 613-225-8495
Huntley 108 Juanita 613-839-2959
Huntley Mess Hall 2240 Craig Side 613-839-2959
Inverness 76 Inverness 613-226-2208
Kars 1604 Wellington 613-489-2524
Katimavik 64 Chimo 613-599-4480
Kinburn 3045 Kinburn 613-832-0219
Larkin House 76 Larkin 613-482-6339
Lynwood 7 Sycamore 613-828-2763
Maki House 19 Leeming


Manordale (Margaret Rywak CC) 68 Knoxdale 613-212-8975
March Central 1030 Riddell 613-580-9696 ext. 34487
Manotick 5572 Doctor Leach 613-580-2424 ext. 30235
Munster 58 Dogwood 613-444-0366
Old Town Hall 821 March, Kanata 613-580-2424 ext. 34487
Pretty Street 2 Pretty 613-580-2532 ext. 20707
Qualicum/Graham Park 48 Nanaimo   613-580-2424 ext. 46686
Richmond Memorial 6095 Perth  613-580-2532 ext. 20707
SS#1 (Kanata) 400 Goldridge  613-599-4480
St-Luke's Fieldhouse 166 Frank   613-564-1050 
Southpointe 220 Stoneway 613-580-2424 ext. 46686
Tom Brown Hall 141 Bayview 613-580-2424 ext. 14371
Tanglewood Park 31 Woodfield 613-226-7800
Trend/Arlington 50 Bellman 613-828-3460
Westcliffe 681 Seyton 613-580-2424 ext. 46686

Free public Wi-Fi access

Thanks to a five-year sponsorship agreement under the City’s Community Champions Program, between the City of Ottawa and IceNet Wireless, an Ottawa-based wireless internet company and a division of EION Inc., free Wi-Fi access is available at 24 City facilities, including the ByWard Market Building, Ben Franklin Place and City Hall.

Public Wi-Fi Locations [ PDF - 2.1 MB ]

Kanata Community Programs

Serving the communities of Kanata we offer dynamic recreation programs for individuals and families of all ages, right in your own backyard. These programs are available in your Kanata Community Centres and neighbourhood schools.

Locations Address Program Inquiries
Beaverbrook 2 Beaverbrook 613-599-4480
Bridlewood 63 Bluegrass 613-271-0712
Eva James Memorial 65 Stonehaven 613-271-0712
Glen Cairn 186 Morrena 613-836-3121
Kanata Recreation Complex 100 Walter Baker 613-836-3121
Kanata Seniors Centre 2500 Campeau 613-580-2980
Katimavik 64 Chimo 613-599-4480
Old Town Hall (Kanata) 821 March 613-580-9696
S.S.#1 400 Goldridge 613-599-4480
John  G Mlacak 2500 Compeau 613-599-4480
Jack Donohue Public School 101 Penrith 613-580-9696
Roch Carriere Elementary School 401 Stonehaven 613-271-0712
South March Public School 1032 Klondike 613-580-9696

For your Aquatic needs, please contact the Kanata Leisure Centre.
For your Fitness memberships, please contact the Kanata Leisure Centre.

Customer Service Desk

The customer service desk offers information and registration services. Hours may vary depending on location. Please call to confirm hours.

Mooney's Bay Ski Centre

Terry Fox Athletic Facility (at Mooney's Bay Park) 
2960 Riverside Drive

Come to Mooney's Bay Park and enjoy 5 km of groomed and well-lit trails. Learn or improve your skills with our lesson packages for all levels in classic or skate skiing. Mooney's Bay Park has it all. Perfect for after work. Perfect for the entire family. 

Registration for 2018 season

Browse registered courses at Terry Fox Athletic Facility (Mooney's Bay Ski Centre). Register online.

Rentals by 'Lafleur de la Capital' - 613-298-3775

Mooney's Bay Park

Hours of operation

The facility will be open from January to early March (weather permitting) at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm

Schedules are subject to change.


  • $3.25 per day
  • $36 for the season

Fees are subject to change.

Ski centre features

  • 5 km of groomed trails for both classic and skate (freestyle) skiing techniques
  • Indoor change rooms and washrooms
  • Lit trails for night skiing
  • A ski tuck shop and hot chocolate for sale
  • Free use of our indoor wax benches and waxing irons
  • Free information on equipment, clothing, waxing, trails and related services
  • Free parking

Trail conditions

View Mooney’s Bay Cross Country Ski Conditions.


The City of Ottawa cross-country ski school in Mooney's Bay Park offers a great selection of lessons starting in January 2018.

  • Lessons for children, youth and adults from experienced and qualified instructors
  • Classes for all abilities from beginner to advanced
  • Classic or skate skiing lessons
  • Offered seven days a week with convenient day and evening options
  • Special group packages available

Private Instruction

One-on-One Private Instruction - we will create a customized workout just for you. 60 minute session: $78.25.

Semi-Private Private Instruction - a great opportunity to work out with a friend or family member! 60 minute session: $60.25 per person.

Small Group Private Instruction - designed for 3 to 4 participants. 60 minute session: $30.25 per person.

To book your private instruction session(s), you can either pick up in person or print off our Private Instruction Request Form and drop it off to the facility where you would like your personal training services.  Once we have received your Personal Training Request Form, one of our trainers will contact you to discuss your goals and availability. For semi-private or small group personal training, all group members must pay at the same time to receive the discounted rate.

Rural South Recreation

Metcalfe Client Service Centre
8243 Victoria St, Metcalfe, ON  K0A 2P0

Open Tuesdays 8:30 am-4:30 pm
General Inquiries:  3-1-1

Recreation Program Inquiries:
613-580-2424 ext. 30235
613-821-4754 (Wednesday/Friday) 

Facility Rental Inquiries
613-580-2424 ext. 30235

Browse registered courses in Rural South Recreation.

For In Person Recreation Registration visit:

  1. Metcalfe Client Service Centre at 8243 Victoria on Tuesdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  2. Greely Community Centre at 1448 Meadow on Wednesdays and  Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Serving the communities of Findlay Creek, Leitrim, Greely, Kars, Kenmore, Metcalfe, Manotick, Osgoode and Vernon. We offer recreation programs for individuals and families of all ages, close to your home! Join us at your local community building or school for a variety of dynamic programs and services. We also offer high quality Before and After School Programs at a number of community centres in the area.

Facility Rental Inquiries or call 613-580-2424 ext. 30235 unless otherwise stated below.
Ice/Slab Rental Inquiries or call 613-580-2595 

Recreation activities and Hall Rentals are available at the following locations: 

Fred G. Barrett Arena - 3280 Leitrim

Greely Community Centre - 1448 Meadow

  • Hall A/B
  • Hall A
  • Hall B
  • Meeting Room

Kars Community Centre - 1604 Old Wellington 

  • Hall - to book call 613-489-2524

Kenmore Community Centre - 3242 Yorks Corners

  • Hall

Manotick Community Centre - 5572 Doctor Leach

  • Arena/Slab
  • Hall
  • Meeting Room

Metcalfe Community Centre - 2785 8th Line

  • Larry Robinson Arena/Slab
  • Ray Wilson Hall

Metcalfe Client Service Centre - 8243 Victoria

  • Council Chambers

Osgoode Community Centre - 5660 Osgoode Main

  • Stuart Holmes Arena/Slab
  • Hall
  • Fred Alexander Meeting Room

Vernon Community Centre - 7950 Lawrence

  • Archie and Lillian Sayant Hall
  • Daisy Robinson Meeting Room

How to Find Us

Our main office is located at the Metcalfe Client Service Centre, located at 8243 Victoria Street.

Driving Directions
Take Hwy 31 (Bank Street) south to Victoria St. Turn left onto Victoria Street heading east. Travel approximately 3 km just past the four way stop at 8th line road. Building is located on the left.

Rural West

Serving the communities of Rideau-Goulbourn and West Carleton-March

For Program Information: 

  • Rideau-Goulbourn: 613-580-2532 ext. 20701
  • West Carleton-March: 613-580-9696 ext. 34488

For Facility Rental Inquiries:

  • Rideau-Goulbourn: 613-580-2532 ext. 20707
  • West Carleton-March: 613-580-9696 ext. 34487

Browse registered courses in Rural West.

For In Person Registration: 
Please visit the offices located at Goulbourn Recreation Complex, Richcraft Recreation Complex - Kanata or the local Kanata and West Carleton Client Service Centres.

Rural West represents various community centres and facilities within the two rural wards representing the Rideau-Goulbourn and West Carleton portion of West Carleton-March ward. Rural West operates programs within 18 city facilities and 8 local schools located in these areas.

Our programs are offered at the following locations:


  • Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre - 2300 Community Way
  • Cavanagh Community Centre - 8930 Flewellyn
  • Goulbourn Municipal Office - 2135 Huntley
  • Munster Community Centre - 58 Dogwood
  • Richmond Community Centre - 6095 Perth

West Carleton-March:

  • Carp Memorial Hall - 3739 Carp
  • Constance/Buckham’s Bay Community Centre – 262 Len Purcell
  • Corkery Community Centre - 3447 Old Almonte
  • Dunrobin Community Centre – 1151 Thomas Dolan
  • Fitzroy Community Centre – 100 Clifford Campbell
  • Galetta Community Centre – 119 Darwin
  • Huntley Community Centre – 108 Juanita
  • Huntley Mess Hall – 2240 Craig Side Road
  • Kinburn Community Centre – 3045 Kinburn
  • W. Erskine Johnston Arena - 3832 Carp
  • West Carleton Community Complex - 5670 Carp

For your aquatic and fitness needs, please contact the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, Richcraft Recreation Complex - Kanata or the Kanata Leisure Centre.

How to Find Us

Rideau – Goulbourn Office Location:

Goulbourn Recreation Complex
1500 Shea
Ottawa, ON, K2S 0B2
613-580-2532 ext. 20701

West Carleton – March Office Location:

Richcraft Recreation Complex - Kanata
4101 Innovation Drive
Ottawa, ON, K2K 0J3
613-580-9696 ext. 34486