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Cycling Network Information

Cycling Network Information

Cycling Network Status as of December 31, 2015

This is a chart showing total kilometers of cycling facilities in Ottawa. 8 kilometers of cycle tracks, 200 kilometres of on-road bicycle lanes, 257 kilometers of paved shoulders, 272 kilometers of city-owned multi use pathways and 163 kilometres of NCC-owned multi-use-pathways.

Progress Since 2010
Facility Type Added during 2011-2014 Route Length(end of 2015)
City-Owned Multi Use Pathways 67 km 272 km
Cycle Tracks 4 km 8 km
On Road Bicycle Lanes 35 km 200 km
Paved Shoulders 98 km 257 km
Total Cycling Network Length    
City-Owned Facilities 204 km 737 km
NCC Pathways 163 km
City-Owned Facilities + NCC Pathways 900 km

*Numbers are approximate
*Route length only (if a 1km road has bicycles lanes on both sides, it is counted as 1km of bike lane)
*Network length will be updated at the end of 2016 to reflect newly constructed facilities
*Shared road or recommended routes are not included due to widely varied quality of facilities

 Multi Use Pathways

This is an image of cyclists using a multi use pathway

Cycle Tracks

This is an image of a cyclist using a cycle track

On-Road Bicycle Lanes

This is an image of a cyclist using an on-road bicycle lane

Paved Shoulders

This is an image of a cyclist using a paved shoulder