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Grey Nuns Drive Area Traffic Management Study

Summary and recommendations


Introduction - The Grey Nuns Drive localized Area Traffic Management Study was initiated by the City in July 2015 to address community concerns related to traffic as reported by local residents. 

Concerns - Residents identified a number of concerns along Grey Nuns Drive:

  • High vehicular volumes
  • Motorists speeding
  • Poor stop sign compliance
  • Motorist using Grey Nuns Drive as a through route between Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard and St-Laurent Boulevard

Study Process – A study was undertaken using the process outlined in the City’s Area Traffic Management Guidelines (2004).  This involved numerous activities including data collection, public consultation, development and evaluation of alternative solutions, and the selection of a preferred solution.

Methodology – The intent of following the process in the Area Traffic Management Guidelines was to ensure solutions to address or mitigate concerns were developed through fostering community consensus and technical input.  This included examining solution alternatives in an incremental manner. Ultimately, a set of feasible solutions were presented to the public for comment with the intent of selecting a draft preferred solution.  Refinements were made to the draft preferred solution to address follow-up commentary – the refined plan forms the Recommended Plan.


Two Public Open House meetings were hosted (October 7th, 2015 and February 3rd, 2016) at Convent Glen Elementary School to present and gather input regarding the study.  Advertising for both Public Open House meetings was done via a notice posted in the Ottawa South EMC Community Newspaper and the LeDroit Newspaper (on October 2nd ,2015 for the first meeting and on January 28th, 2016 for the second meeting), Notification Letter (door-to-door deliveries), and on the City’s website. 

Results of consultation

  • 37 individuals attended Public Open House 1 - 29 individuals submitted written comments.
  • 23 individuals attended Public Open House 2 - 19 individuals submitted written comments.
  • The Recommended Plan was formed based on input from Public and City Staff.

Summary of recommended plan measures

Centre Island Median

  • Install a centre island median on Harvest Crescent at the south intersection with Grey Nuns Drive.

Mid-Block Narrowing

  • Install a mid-block narrowing on Grey Nuns Drive between the two schools, at the crossing of the park multi-use pathway. The narrowing will be approximately 1.7m wide in order to narrow the road to approximately 7.0m wide.

Raised Crosswalk

  • Install a raised crosswalk on Grey Nuns Drive at the same location as the previously mentioned mid-block narrowing. The raised crosswalk has the same profile as a speed table.

Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) and Signage Improvements

  • Install a PXO Type-D on Grey Nuns Drive in combination with the afore-mentioned mid-block narrowing and raised crosswalk.
  • Install Ra-4R and Ra-4L “Pedestrian Crossover” and Wb-X “Pedestrian Crossover Ahead” signs in accordance with PXO Type-D standards.

Parking Modifications

  • Due to the installation of the mid-block narrowing, parking will need to be prohibited within approximately 25m of the pedestrian crossover.

Install Lighting at Pedestrian Crossover

  • Additional lighting may need to be installed to meet current lighting standards. The requirement for additional lighting will confirmed at detailed design stage.


  • The bus stop on the west side of Grey Nuns Drive near the new PXO location will need to be relocated further south. An additional length of asphalt pathway is proposed to connect the relocated bus stop to the proposed pedestrian crossover.

Modification outcome and benefits

  • Pedestrians
    Pedestrians should benefit from reduced motorist speeds, increased motorist awareness of pedestrians, and a reduced crossing distance at the pedestrian crossover. The new pedestrian crossover will give pedestrians right of way over motorists at this location. Pedestrians should benefit from a reduced crossing wait time at this location.
  • Cyclists
    Cyclists should benefit from the anticipated reduction in speeds. The mid-block narrowing may reduce the comfort of some cyclists, but the accompanying raised crosswalk and PXO should ensure that vehicle speeds are low near the narrowing. The pedestrian crossover should provide a safe crossing for cyclists travelling through the park, though they will be legally required to dismount to use the PXO.
  • Vehicles
    Improved motorist behaviour will be encouraged through the combination of the centre island median, raised crosswalk, pedestrian crossover and improved signage increasing awareness of pedestrians. Cut through traffic may be reduced.
  • Adjacent Land Use
    Adjacent properties should benefit from reduced vehicle speeds and improved motorist behaviour.    

Projected start and completion date

All area traffic management measures, once approved, are prioritized for potential implementation utilizing a process described in the City’s Area Traffic Management Guidelines.  Recommended measures from the study will be implemented either at the time of future roadway rehabilitation or when funding for implementation becomes available and these measures rank as an overall priority within the Area Traffic Management program.

Open House #1 - October 7, 2015

Between Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard and St-Joseph Boulevard

Open House #1

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Drop in 6 to 8 p.m.
Convent Glen Elementary School Gymnasium
1708 Grey Nuns Drive

Open House Display Boards [ PDF 3.449 MB ]

As We Heard It Report 

Forty-five residents attended the first open house meeting to learn more about this study to examine traffic and driver behavioural concerns along Grey Nuns Drive between Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard and St. Joseph Boulevard.

Specific traffic concern:
Pedestrian safety during school crossings at Convent Glen School - some cars stop, others don't - no one knows how to treat the crossing.

Traffic calming measure:
I'd like to see a raised pedestrian crossing, or speed hump, or painted pedestrian area & better signage so both pedestrians and cars are clear as to who has the right of way.

Intersection traffic volumes:
8-hour pedestrian crossing volumes in the traffic management study - a date mid-summer (July 02, 2014) is not an accurate representation of school-day traffic.

  • Corner of Sundown & Grey Nuns is a surprisingly treacherous crossing. Coming out of Sundown onto Grey Nuns, both drivers and pedestrians often rely on the reflection in the glass of the bus stop across the road on Grey Nuns to see if any south-bound traffic on Grey Nuns is approaching. From the aerial view, it does not look like the curve on Grey Nuns is such a blind corner, and there are no landscaping or structural obstructions, but it is blind. The problem is compounded by the excessive speed of much of the traffic in front of the schools. Many pedestrians crossing to go to and from the French school cross here, and I see many of them looking like they're just "making a dash for it"!
  • I would suggest a raised crosswalk between Grey Nuns Park and Glen Park to slow traffic down, as well as regular speed bumps near both school. If the traffic is slowed, both drivers and pedestrians have a better chance of crossing Grey Nuns at Sundown safely.
  • Note: Aerial Maps to note indicate the steep slope coming down from St. Joseph onto Grey Nuns, which increases the speed of some drivers (including me sometimes, I admit it!)
  • Two traffic survey dates doesn't justify the data
    • -June 12th (Tuesday), July 2nd (Thursday) after July 1st holiday
    • -90% P.S. (? public servants maybe) off
    • What are the options and suggestions?
    • My suggestions:
    • 1) Enforce stop signs
    • 2) Enforce speed limits
  • Please don't make Grey Nuns like Parkdale or Churchill.
  • A stop sign at Brookside, Harvest and Grey Nuns would help slow the traffic at that spot.
  • -crosswalk needed @ park entrance between schools on Grey Nuns (and/or speed bumps before/after each school)
    • -speed bump at Grey Nuns Park near Harvest/Brookside (blind corner for children crossing street)
    • -parking lot at Grey Nuns Park for soccer (where sign is presently, could probably fit at least 10-15 cars)
    • -problem area -> cars doing up-turns at Grey Nuns & Jeanne d'Arc
    • -randomly patrolled stop signs to encourage drivers to stop at signs
    • *City wide* No overnight parking from Nov. 1 to Apr. 30!!!*
  • Thanks for doing this!
    • Please check for cars using Grey Nuns as a 'shortcut' (I know it's really not) between 7am & 9am due to traffic backing up at the roundabout on Jeanne d'Arc.
    • This occurs (due to) Jeanne d'Arc traffic coming down the hill gets the right of way in rush hour.
  • 1 - Hedges on Grey Nuns & Harvest, people cannot see beyond the hedges?
    • 2 - Bus lane on Grey Nuns should be moved farther up
    • - enforce speed and bylaws
    • - parking Enforcement
  • Was very disappointed with the meeting, total waste of time and money! This information should have been distributed in the mail boxes rather than meeting notice and an envelope to send in concerns or (and) an email account to send in electronically.
  • I think the idea of restricting parking is awful. Parking spaces should be made a parks entrance rather than less spaces.
  • Traffic needs to be monitored as NO one stops for the stop signs that are existing now. The speed signs are very confusing, they are directly under the street speed signs? There is no time indicated on signs, are they only enforced when school is in? The parents dropping children off or picking up should be educated that parking on the side of the street across from school and letting children run across road NOT a good idea.
  • I would like to see a raised crosswalk at the bike path between the schools. My kids are expected to walk to school and since there is no crossing guard there, cars do not slow down. I think a bump would help slow cars down.
  • I believe you also need to take a look at the street of Lumberman Way. Since the traffic circle was put in people use Grey Nuns to Lumberman Way to avoid it and the lights at St. Joseph & Orleans Blvd. We cannot let our son play out front on our laneway (Lumberman Way) to play hockey in our laneway by himself because if the ball goes on the street he can't go himself because people are constantly speeding to the stop sign that we are 2 houses away from. In the wintertime many people who are speeding down our street to the intersection of Lumberman Way & Grey Nuns, people are going so fast they slide ride through the intersection into the snow bank across the street which has a bus stop right there.
  • I believe speed limit signs need to be put upon Lumberman Way & Grey Nuns so people know. If they are not there people seem to think it is a free for all. Especially young people but it's not just them. We had purchased our own slow down sign to put up when we are out front playing hockey in the laneway. I shouldn't have to do this.
  • More needs to be done to control the speeders. The intersection of Lumberman Way & Grey Nuns also needs to be controlled for people stopping. Many people just roll through the stop sign, mainly Grey Nuns either going up to St. Joseph or coming from St. Joseph to the schools, or they just don't stop at all. I have seen this one too many times and a lot of kids get picked up by school buses at this intersection. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • Please look at this street. I am all for speed bumps to be put in on Lumberman Way like they did on Belcourt to the Walmart on Innes Road. This would stop a lot of traffic and speeders.
  • -lived on Meadowview since 1978 - original owner
    • -in the past, OC buses were speeders but that seems not to be the case now
    • -traffic on Grey Nuns has increased significantly since the introduction of the roundabout - Jeanne d'Arc & St Joseph
    • -"cut through" traffic from St Joseph & Lumberman seems to be the cause - "collateral damage" from the roundabout
    • -please no speed bumps on Grey Nuns
    • -to concentrate the "slow down" factor at the school area only makes drivers speed up along the rest of Grey Nuns
    • -observation is that drivers speed away from the stop signs - particularly at Grey Nuns & Harvest North
  • Increased traffic since traffic circle on St Joseph. From Harvest Crescent to the park, cars belonging to the town houses are often illegally parked. For winter this causes the buses to slow down to pass. They impede the snow plows.
  • Some folks along that stretch of street use the street as their permanent parking lot. By-law officers should check this more often, especially in winter.
  • 1) The study's data on pedestrians were collected in summer, in late June-July; data should have also been collected during the school year.
    • 2) Reinforce the law during morning and evening rush hours on Lumberman and Grey Nuns. Traffic is too fast and more present. Grey Nuns Drive has more traffic since people want to avoid the Jeanne d'Arc roundabout.
    • 3) Add crosswalks near schools to encourage walking.
    • 4) Add more traffic signs for school zones and blinking lights. Speed bumps.
    • 5) See by-law officers frequently, not only when we need to call them.
  • Limiting parking on our streets is not the answer. Give traffic more space and they will continue to speed with less concern.
  • The 2 schools are the generator of traffic with those who avoid the circle. Certainly two areas are of most concern on Grey Nuns: The intersection of Grey Nuns & Lumberman - with drivers not stopping - speed bump; And the other end the first sharp bend near the soccer field - parking should not be allowed.
  • Not only Grey Nuns, the study should apply to Lumberman as an extension. People in general do not follow the limit. It's always 10 km/h minimum over it. Be it 50 for 40, 60 for 50, etc. In our case, being less than 2 full lanes of traffic with cars parked on one side, the danger is considerably greater. Morning & night the drivers are late and the traffic problem is greater.
  • We need speed bumps, as we find on Belcourt and other streets in Ottawa, the only way to slow people down. The calming signs on Grey Nuns are positive but not enough. At times, we can't back out of our laneway, as seniors. Short of having police on a regular basis, people are not going to slow down - speed bumps.
  • We would like to see "pedestrian Xing" signs where the Grey Nuns Park path meets Grey Nuns Dr. Signage just to warn cars people could be crossing (especially west end of park). Never have liked the "all way" stop signs at Friar Gate & Harvest. Too many cars don't come to a full stop.
  • More police on Grey Nuns Dr. to control speed and stop rolling stops at stop signs. Eliminate 30 km/h signs in centre of road.
  • I really like the fact that solutions are being explored at fixing the increase of traffic. Since the installation of the traffic circle, the flow and speed of traffic has increased to a level I would not hesitate to describe as dangerous.
  • The hedge on the north side of Grey Nuns at the corner of Jeanne d'Arc is way too big and should be dramatically reduced. More must be done to slow traffic at the 2 elementary schools and at the park crossing.
  • And somehow there has to be a solution to people racing through the stop sign on Grey Nuns at Lumberman in both directions.
  • 1) Re Traffic Load: I doubt the numbers for July 2 2014. This is the day after a stat holiday plus it is a non school day. We need school day numbers to make decisions.
    • 2) Harvest (at Youville almost) has a lot of people doing U-turns. If these are people turning around after dropping passengers at Jeanne d'Arc transitway station, we need to plan a turn into LRT station planning.
    • 3) If the old red light camera at St Joseph & Jeanne d'Arc was still available, I'd be lobbying to place it at Grey Nuns/Youville. Folks run the light to get a clear run from 174 to top of hill.
    • 4) Please add pre roundabout traffic counts to presentation. We have no new homes but increased traffic as people prefer a longer drive to a brief slow down at roundabout.
    • 5) What's with the No Trucks sign? Isn't the entire street no trucks?
    • 6) Is there a walking school bus or two in this area (either down Grey Nuns or through park)?
    • 7) The busing is a problem. The route runs infrequently leading to more pedestrians or more car use.
    • When it does run, it is usually an empty articulated bus. The road is better suited to a short bus. They are only running a long bus due to infrequency of busing.
    • 8) Is there an option to a light at St Joseph and Grey Nuns? Could it be a stop sign + crosswalk signal instead? People drive through strip mall to avoid the long light.
    • 9) I'd like to know how many households use Grey Nuns as their access road.
    • 10) I'm not at all convinced street narrowings will be helpful. People already treat the stop signs as yield signs. I'm not convinced narrow road will do more than make people feel squeezed.
    • 11) If there is a crossing guard, can you add to presentation please?
  • -Traffic has increased significantly since the traffic circle was implemented. Would slower speed limits in the circle allow people to build experience using them?
    • -Traffic calming pilot works before school is out, but after school is out, the 30 km/h limit is mostly ignored. Suggest the use of flashing signs to display how fast you are going and what the limit is.
    • -Suggest the use of flashing signs in front of the schools with 30 km/h as the posted limit during school hours.
    • -I like the idea of the narrowed street. In addition to slowing cars down, might also decrease traffic volumes.
  • Walking path that crosses Grey Nuns between the schools: I would like to see a white X on the pavement. Since the street was paved, the crosswalk white X on the pavement has not returned. This crosswalk slowed cars and made drivers attentive to pedestrians, and cyclists. I like the turn arrow at Grey Nuns and Jeanne d'Arc. I think a road narrowing may be needed at the walking path and Grey Nuns intersection near the schools.
  • Volume on Grey Nuns has increased since the traffic circle on St Joseph. Data on charts is too dated and predates the traffic circle. Thank you for your efforts and concerns.
  • The plan for this study is too complicated for the problems we face. As a resident for the past 37 year, the problems and solutions are simple.
    • Problems: 1 - stop sign violations, and 2 - speeding
    • Solution: Regular enforcement for stop signs and speeding. The yellow signs do not work!
    • Do not remove parking as this creates problems for parents dropping off children at school or at the park. It also restricts parking for visitors along Grey Nuns.
  • Traffic flow from St Joseph to Jeanne d'Arc via Grey Nuns should be restricted from 7am to 9am due to school bus traffic. (Buses are the exceptions)
  • Traffic flow from Jeanne d'Arc to St Joseph via Grey Nuns should be restricted from 3:30pm to 6pm due to school bus traffic. Too many vehicles are using Grey Nuns to avoid the roundabout in the AM & PM. This creates traffic congestion on Grey Nuns during morning and evening traffic. (These problems do not require high cost solutions to add to our municipal deficit)
  • 1) The traffic circle at St Joseph & Jeanne d'Arc, during rush hours is often so jammed with cars headed north on Jeanne d'Arc that westbound traffic on St Joseph becomes backed up to Grey Nuns. As a result, vehicles detour by turning right and travelling down Grey Nuns to St. Joseph. It reverses during the afternoon rush hour.
    • 2) The Odyssee school has many people delivering their children by car. The school also has a large number of vehicles as opposed to Convent Glen Elementary. This increases the traffic both directions on Grey Nuns. At 3:30pm today there were a number of vehicles parked on Sundown. Why aren't these children bussed to l'Odyssee?
    • 3) Aside from the above, the yellow speed markers are a waste of money. They weren't installed until school was out at the end of June and will be taken down as winter approaches. Speed bumps would probably be more beneficial.
  • Right at the T intersection of Grey Nuns and Steamer
    • First problem: no one stops at either stop sign on Steamer or on Lumberman.
    • Second problem are the school buses. They are lined up on Grey Nuns waiting their turn to drop off the kids at the school. The line of buses cut off the entrance to my drive way. The drivers are nice and try to wave me around, not understanding until they move neither can I.
    • Third problem, the parents who park in my driveway while they're dropping off or picking up the kids. Drop offs aren't too bad but the pickups are ridiculous. I've had to ask several drivers to please move so I could get out or into my own driveway. I then get, I'll only be two more minutes...sorry, I need to leave now, just let me out and you can repark after I leave. That usually works, but there is one who responds with "I'm married to a police officer and he says I can park here" which I know is absolutely incorrect.
    • Fourth problem, ever since the installation of the traffic circle at St. Joseph and Jeanne d'Arc our street has turned into a smaller version of the 174.
  • Thank-you for your attention to this matter. I feel that the traffic on Grey Nuns Drive is light and the present road way and signage is more than adequate. The speed is posted at 40kms/hr which is standard for this area. Some traffic exceeds this speed especially in the longer stretches between stop signs. Grey Nuns Drive has adequate sidewalks for pedestrians. The areas in front of the schools are somewhat congested at times but this in unavoidable because of the school buses and the parents dropping off their children and also the teachers and employees of the schools entering and leaving. The traffic may have increased somewhat by people trying to avoid the traffic circle at St. Joseph and Jean D'Arc Boulevards. This increase is not significant. Grey Nuns Drive was previously much busier prior to the construction of the Jean D'Arc Boulevard and the interchange at highway 174. Access to the highway was gained using Grey Nuns Drive by many Orleans residents which is no longer the case.
  • There was some suggestion that narrowing at the intersections might help to slow the traffic. This might slow the traffic but it would make the road which is standard width much more dangerous for the buses, cyclists and vehicles which use it. These types of traffic calming techniques may be warranted in heavy traffic areas but I feel based on my own experience and your survey statistics that the traffic on Grey Nuns Drive is light. Your statistics show very minimal accidents nothing that would warrant attention.
  • I would recommend if any action needs to be taken that it be in the form of some increased enforcement of the speed limit at times when any excess speed might be considered problematic. As a regular user of Grey Nuns Drive and local resident I feel that there is not really any real problem that requires action and other than noted I have not observed any appreciable change in the traffic in my 39 years of using Grey Nuns Drive. This road is a collector road for the local residents and provides access to the arterials. Residents must take note of roads and traffic patterns when they move to an area and not expect to the City to change the roads and community to suit their own wishes.
  • Traffic management study – Grey Nuns:
    • Problems:
    • - Parents and schoolchildren–lack of sufficient parking at school – must park on the other side of L'Odyssée school on adjacent streets and cross Grey Nuns, which has no pedestrian crossing.
    • - Lots of speeding on Grey Nuns and Lumberman Way.
    • - No complete stop upstream of the school.
    • - No pedestrian crossings.
    • - The yellow signs in the middle of the road that suggest that you slow down close to the school – 30 km/h – will be removed in November and put back only in the spring.
    • - Lots of traffic and children crossing the road dangerously during school hours: 9–9:15 a.m. / 3:40–3:55 p.m.
    • Proposed solutions:
    • - Pedestrian crossing in front of the school, or student crossing
    • - Crossing guard
    • - Police control, speed checks
    • - Better signage in front of the school
    • - Radar speed signs installed closer to the school and not close to the stop between Grey Nuns and Lumberman, where drivers are required to slow down
  • As a less important point, I would like comment on the "traffic calming" pylons indicating 30Km/h in front of the schools. Any attempt to create a safer road is great. A consideration I have is the reduced space in one of the lanes. This happens to be the one I use for my bicycle commute home and I find it creates an uncomfortable situation when a car is in this lane following a cyclist.
  • More importantly: I feel that many drivers do not respect the stop sign or the speed limit on Grey Nuns. I have witnessed on a daily basis cars treating the stop sign as a yield. At times, I have witnessed cars, not only speeding, but speeding through the stop sign.
  • I have to exercise more care than usual backing out of my driveway because of the rolled stops. When I cut the grass, I shoulder check more than once when I get to the turnaround point at the street.
  • I speculate that "non-area-residents" are using Grey Nuns as a by-pass. Those using a by-pass would tend to be those in a hurry to get somewhere. Those that are in a hurry speed.
  • Not too far from Grey Nuns is the roundabout. I really like it. Every time I go through, I narrate to whoever is in the car that you "can't enter beside another car", "can't pass", and "can't go more than 30". I emphasize the speed limit because when car go faster than that, the timing is off for a car wanting to enter the roundabout. Having said that, It would be nice to see some sort of enforcement or outreach at the roundabout.
  • My family has lived on this street since April 1990. There have been a few changes affecting traffic, including 2-3 new stop signs, OC Transpo, a new school, and the recent traffic calming initiative between the two schools at the local park. The installation of the roundabout at St. Joseph and Jeanne d'Arc has also impacted traffic. Perhaps I am fortunate to live at "the other end" of the street, but I see nothing to raise concerns, or to justify additional enforcement or traffic calming strategies.
  • We are a family of five, with three children. My children often go to Grey Nuns Park, which is right in front of the house. They have to cross the street to go to the park. The place where they cross is in a turn with reduced visibility, but it's the only place to cross. Also, the cars go much too fast, and that's a danger for my kids, but also for other local children who use that crossing. There are also elderly people who cross at this location. A sign should be put up, or something should be painted on the ground to show that pedestrians have priority. Generally, cars go much too fast on this road, especially around L'Odyssée school. Even if you have a pilot project that tries to limit speeds to 30 km/h, no one will respect it, even at the end of classes. It's appalling. In light of the danger, we need to find a way to reduce speeds, by putting in a speed bump or having police there more often.
  • We do have concerns regarding traffic issues on Grey Nuns. In fact, we met last fall with our Public Health Nurse, school staff, and a representative from Bob Monette's office in order to do a walkabout outside our school first thing in the morning and observe/discuss our traffic concerns. We share similar concerns with our neighbouring school, L'Odyssée. Some of these concerns include:
    • - cars cut through on our street in order to get to the highway by avoiding the traffic circle on St. Joseph Blvd. in the morning (i.e. traffic is really backed up each morning)
    • - speeding down our street, even when we are unloading our buses/vans
    • - a crosswalk is required at the path beside our school (for safe crossing)
For more information, please contact:

Eric Ouimet
Coordinator, Area Traffic Management
Planning and Growth Management
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, ext. 12392
Fax: 613-580-2578

Open House #2 - February 3, 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Drop in 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Convent Glen Elementary School
1708 Grey Nuns Drive

The City of Ottawa has undertaken a study to examine traffic and driver behavioural concerns along Grey Nuns Drive between Jeanne D'Arc Blvd and St-Joseph Blvd. The purpose of this second open house is to solicit input from the community and other interested parties on the proposed traffic calming solutions on Grey Nuns Drive. Feedback will help the study team determine the preferred solution.

Open House #2 Display Boards { PDF 18.623 MB ]
Comment Sheet [ PDF 146 KB ]

Consultation Results [ PDF 1.864 MB ]

Your comments are welcome and encouraged at any point during this study.

For more information, please contact:
Eric Ouimet
Coordinator, Area Traffic Management
Planning and Growth Management
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, ext. 12392
Fax: 613-580-2578