Moves and Start/Stop Service

Before you move, notify the City of Ottawa to ensure your account is handled properly

I am moving. What do I do?

  • If you are moving into or out of a property, it is important for you to notify Revenue Services a minimum of 21 days in advance. This notice is required in order to ensure that your property and contact information is up-to-date with us. If you move without notifying Revenue Services, you will be liable for the account until notice of your move is received.
  • Revenue Services will obtain a final meter reading on your closing date using our Automated Meter Infrastructure network.
  • There is a charge for setting up a new water, wastewater and stormwater account, please refer to Fees  for more details.
  • Please call us with the following information:
    • Service address for old and new account
    • New owner/tenants
    • Date of closing
    • Phone numbers for cell, home and work
    • Your new mailing address (necessary for any refunds due to the final reading)

Changes to water billing options for landlords and tenants

Effective January 1, 2017, the City no longer accepts tenant leases on behalf of landlords and tenants. We continue to bill the tenant based on existing tenant leases received and effective no later than December 31, 2016 until such time as the tenant vacates.

The City of Ottawa provides 2 options to landlords to have tenants responsible for water and sewer costs:

  1. Bills remain in the landlord’s name. Bills are sent to the landlord either at the rental property or his/her mailing address, in his/her name. The landlord makes arrangements with the tenant for payment of the account and the landlord remains solely responsible for any unpaid amounts.
  2. Landlords can make arrangements with the City to have the tenant billed directly by submitting an Authorization Agreement to Bill Tenant form. Note: this form must be signed by the owner/owner’s or authorized agent and the tenant. Under the terms of this agreement, if the tenant fails to pay, the landlord remains responsible for any unpaid amounts.

Either the landlord or the tenant can arrange to have the tenant billed directly by providing the completed Authorization Agreement to Bill Tenant Form. Providing all data required on the form will facilitate prompt updating of our records thereby reducing unnecessary costs to landlords and/or tenants. 

Incomplete Authorization Agreement to Bill Tenant forms will be returned for completion. The tenant account will not be established until the form is properly completed.

A change of ownership/occupancy fee is charged to update the change of ownership/occupancy and billed to the new tenant. When notice is received indicating the tenant is vacating, the account is reverted back into the landlord’s name until documentation is received to support a new tenancy. If the vacancy period is greater than 14 days and documentation is not received, the landlord will be subject to the change of ownership/occupancy fee.

Water billing options for condo developers

Notice to Home Builder’s Community

Interim Ownerships Water and Sewer Accounts: Revenue Services is responsible for the maintenance of client water and sewer accounts for the City of Ottawa. To accommodate the water and sewer billing for purchasers who have taken possession of a condominium unit during the “Interim Occupancy Period”, the City will update the water and sewer account to the purchaser’s name(s) and will bill accordingly.

Since the transfer of title will not occur until the Condominium Corporation is registered, the developer may become liable for any outstanding water and sewer charges if the interim owner defaults on payment. To collect outstanding balances, the City of Ottawa would transfer defaulted water and sewer balances to the tax roll (developer) and collect in the same manner as property taxes.

Once added to taxes, additional fees will apply and the account is subject to a penalty charge of 1.25 per cent per month. Penalty is added after the due date and every month thereafter until the account is paid.

Request a water, wastewater and stormwater certificate

Homeowners or lawyers wishing to obtain a Water and Sewer Surcharge Certificate to determine if there are any charges remaining at the time of closing a real estate transaction must complete and submit the Water and Sewer Surcharge Certificate Request Form

Law firms can securely submit and pay for certificates online through My ServiceOttawa.

Alternatively, manual requests can be submitted by completing the fillable on-screen and printing. There is currently a $70 fee (effective January 1, 2018) for each request. The City will obtain a final reading on the closing date. A final bill is then sent to the property owner at the service address unless the request is that the final bill be sent elsewhere.

Mail your completed form to:

City of Ottawa, Revenue Services
100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East
Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 6J8

Please include a cheque or money order payable to the “City of Ottawa”. We will make every attempt to provide current status certificates within 3 business days of the receipt of the request. Certificates will only be issued if the request form is filled out correctly and completely, and sufficient payment is provided. Certificates requested to include a final reading will only be provided after the final reading has been taken.