Upcoming Changes to Your Bill

Your City of Ottawa water services bill is changing to become more informative and accessible for all Ottawa residents. Discover how these changes will affect your household and how they make it easier to manage your water consumption.

Changes to your bill

New bill format

The City is making improvements to how we bill for water, wastewater and stormwater.  We are redesigning our bill to improve accessibility, making it easier to read and understand, and to provide more relevant information.

Language preference

In 2018, residents will have the option to receive their water, wastewater and stormwater bill in their preferred official language. Please go online to My Settings at Myserviceottawa.ca or call Revenue Services at 613-580-2444 (TTY 613-580-2401) to choose your preferred language.

If you already have a MyService Ottawa account, your bill will be sent in the official language you have selected for your account. If you would like to receive your bill in the other official language, please go online to myserviceottawa.ca or call Revenue Services.