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Spring 2016 - Peak Period Traffic Impacts

Spring 2016 - Peak Period Traffic Impacts

Ottawa is on the move with major construction and renewal projects underway to ensure our city’s continued development as a global capital, and one of the best cities in Canada to live, work and invest. Projects will be posted monthly.   

In progress - Inside the Greenbelt

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 High impact (potential of more than 15 minutes delay)

  • Main St. Reconstruction
    May 2015 - 2017
    Main Street will be fully closed northbound.  Southbound lanes reduced to one lane
  • Rideau St Development Project & Station Construction (LRT)
    Traffic is restricted on Rideau Street between Sussex Drive and Dalhousie Street until 2018
  • Hwy 417 WB to OR 174 EB Ramp Closure (LRT)
    Closed until 2018
  • Hwy 417 Lees Avenue EB on-ramp
    Ramp closure until May 2018
  • Queen Street and Lyon Street
    Lane reductions
  • Queen Street westbound between Lyon Street and Bay Street
    Lane closure
  • O'Connor Street between Wellington Street and Queen Street
    Lane and intersection reductions
  • Scott Street/Albert Street between Smirle Avenue and Empress Avenue
    Long term lane reductions

 Medium impact (potential of 5 to 15 minutes delay)

  • McIlraith Bridge Rehab
    May 2015 – 2016
    Rehabilitation of the McIlraith Bridge

Low impact (potential of under 5 minute delay)

  • Booth Street Closure (LRT)
    Road closure until early 2017

 In progress - Outside the Greenbelt

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 Medium Impact (potential of 5 to 15 minutes delay)

  • Greenbank (Malvern to Strandherd)
    Completed by the end July 2017
    Lane reductions and detours