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Wayfinding Symbol Community Conversations Transcript

Wayfinding Symbol Community Conversations Transcript

Image: Image of the Wayfinding Symbol

Text: Algonquin Wayfinding Symbol: Community Conversations

Video: Simon Brascoupé speaking to a crowd at Wabano Centre.

Text: Simon Brascoupé: Algonquin Artist

Audio: Kwey Kwey, Simon Brascoupé. Anishinaabe from Kitigan Zibi.

Image: Simon Brascoupe showing the Wayfinding Symbol to Mayor Jim Watson and members of the public

Audio: I’m here to present on the Algonquin Way Finding Symbol, that will be unveiled here in the city of Ottawa. It will be located throughout the city. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting project.

Text: Tammy Cote: At The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Audio: I'm really excited about this project called the Algonquin Way Finding Wheel, that's going to be situated throughout the LRT stations in the city of Ottawa. I'm excited about this project because it's important to show Algonquin presence on our unseeded, un-surrendered traditional territory.

Text: Jennifer Jerome: at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre

Audio: Just seeing these symbols would be really comforting to people because in a sense, it shows familiarity. And no matter where you are in the city if you come across this symbol you'll feel like you're within your own territory. And you'll still feel at home.

Video: Tammy Cote holding the Wayfinding Symbol

Audio: You have the canoe. Our "chiman" canoe, here. So, that was our mode of transportation.

Video: Pimisi Station platform and Paddle art installation

Audio: Nowadays the transportation has changed a little bit. Now we're riding the LRT. So, it's more modern transportation. But we can't forget our original transportation. Which was the "chiman", the canoe.

Video: Simon Brascoupe presenting on the Wayfinding symbol

Audio: I think these kind of symbols, these historic symbols. These are going to be- this will be around 200-300 years from now, when we're long gone.

Video: Simon Brascoupe speaking to community members about the symbol.

Audio: But the stories, the knowledge that is represented in there - Not just mine, but all other Algonquins, will be passed on through the ages.

Video: Tammy Cote holding the Wayfinding Symbol

Audio: When I see this hanging in the different stations at the LRT I will be excited because I'm going to feel that welcome when I see this it's going to show our presence as the Algonquin Anishinaabe people in our territory. So, I'm just excited about this project. Miigwetch!

Video: Ottawa logo appears