Plantation d’arbres dans les sols argileux marins vulnérables – Lignes directrices de 2017

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Tree Planting in Sensitive Marine Clay Soils – 2017 Guidelines

The Tree Planting in Sensitive Marine Clay Soils – 2017 Guidelines provide an update to the rules for planting trees on City property in new subdivisions with clay soils.

The 2017 Guidelines are a product of the City’s Building Better and Smarter Suburbs initiative, and are the result of collaborative efforts between multiple City Departments, the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, and local consultants with expertise in geotechnical engineering, landscape architecture, and forestry. The new guidelines are based on the latest scientific information and include updated procedural requirements for new subdivision applications.

Implementation of the 2017 Guidelines is expected to increase the number and/or size and variety of City-owned street trees in new subdivisions in areas of sensitive marine clay soils. This builds on the approved Urban Forest Management Plan to increase the urban forest canopy in new communities.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Giles, MCIP, RPP
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
613-580-2400, ext. 21667