Application for Partial Deferral

Please Complete the Following Information
Statement of Income
Gross Income as reported on income tax form for the preceding year
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Property Information
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I/we authorize the City of Ottawa to defer part of my/our property taxes for (year).
I/we authorize the City of Ottawa to take any means required to verify all information included in this application.
I/we shall notify the Property Tax Deferral Program of any change in financial circumstances that would impact this application or my/our eligibility for tax deferral.

  • - Unpaid taxes will constitute a lien on the applicable real property.
  • - Partial deferral of my/our property taxes does not constitute a violation of any mortgage agreement relating to the property.

To the best of my/our knowledge the information provided in this application is correct.

If any benefits received from this application are accepted under false pretences, the total amount shall be revoked and recovered by any means deemed necessary by the City of Ottawa.

A failure to fully disclose financial information or notify of changes in financial circumstances is an offence under City of Ottawa By-law 2007-452 as amended and subject to a fine under the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, e. P.33, as amended.

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Proof of Age and Income is Required - Please attach:

  • Copies of all Notice(s) of Assessment of Income tax from the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous calendar year that were sent to you, your spouse and all others that own or occupy the property;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Drivers License (Seniors)
  • Copies of all T4 slips for Old Age Security Pension, Canada Pension Plan Benefits, Disability Benefits or for any other benefits or income you have received.

Note: Total household income includes not only the income of the applicant and co-applicant but also the income of individuals who are not owners but live at the same property address.

Return To: City of Ottawa, Branch Division
100 Constellation Cres, 4th Floor East, Nepean, Ontario K2G 6J8
Attn: Property Tax Deferral Program

Personal information being collected on this application will be used for the purposes of determining whether the applicant qualifies for the tax deferral program, according to City of Ottawa By-Law 2007-452. Questions regarding the collection of personal information should be directed to Manager, Customer Service and Collections, Revenue Branch at 613-580-2444 or by e-mail at: