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Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

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Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

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What is a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan?

A Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is a way to work together to address common objectives to ensure Ottawa is a safe, healthy and vibrant community.

The vision is to work together to achieve sustainable communities where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, and where individuals and families are able to meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income, and social and cultural expression.

Through Community Safety and Well-Being planning, the City of Ottawa, in collaboration with community partners and residents, hopes to enhance our collective ability to respond to issues and build on the many successful efforts that contribute to a strong sense of safety and well-being in our community.

What are the benefits of doing a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan?

The positive impacts of a community safety and well-being plan include:

  • Enhanced collaboration and coordination of services among sectors
  • Increased awareness and access to services
  • Individuals with complex needs receive appropriate services
  • Increased understanding of risks and vulnerable groups

Why are we doing a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan?

The Safer Ontario Act, 2018, requires that Ontario’s single-tier and regional municipalities prepare and adopt a community safety and well-being plan. The City of Ottawa must prepare a draft Community Safety and Well-being Plan and seek Council approval before January 1, 2021.

Ottawa’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan will enhance how we collaborate with community partners, strengthen relationships and look to strengthen how we collectively coordinate services on issues related to safety and well-being.

What are the requirements of the Safer Ontario Act, 2018 for community safety and well-being plans?

Municipalities are required to establish and work in consultation with a community safety and well-being advisory committee. In Ottawa, the Advisory Committee is the Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) Board with revised representation as set out in the Safer Ontario Act, 2018.

Municipalities are required to engage with the public and stakeholders to develop the plan and are required to consider data from multiple sources across the broad range of issues and factors.

How is the City developing Ottawa’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan?

The City is being guided by the Province’s Community Safety and Well-Being Planning Framework. A report outlining the City of Ottawa’s six phase development approach was approved by the Community and Protective Services Committee on October 17, 2019 and was approved by Council on October 23, 2019. The report sets out the roadmap for how Ottawa’s CSWB plan will be developed with the community. The final plan will feature prioritized goals and strategies for collective actions.

What are the key factors to developing a successful Community Safety and Well-Being Plan together as a community?

Multi-sectoral collaboration is a key factor to successful Community Safety and Well-Being planning, as it ensures an integrated approach to identifying and addressing local priorities. The Province of Ontario identifies seven critical success factors required for CSWB planning. These include:

Circular graphic with 7 critical success factors identified in an individual pie piece with arrows surrounding the circle to show the factors are interlinked and dependent on one another.
Seven critical success factors

Strength-Based - Leverage existing resources, programs and services in the community
Risk-Focused - Risk-based planning rather than incident-driven
Awareness & Understanding - Ensuring all understand the benefits of, and their role in, CSWB planning
Highest Level Commitment – Commitment from local government, senior public officials, and leadership through multi-sectoral agencies/organizations
Effective Partnerships - Creating meaningful, integrated partnerships across multiple sectors
Evidence & Evaluation - Using research, data, and performance measures throughout the planning process, and working collaboratively across sectors to identify and address local priority risks to safety and well-being
Cultural Responsiveness - Effectively collaborating with, and responding to, the needs of diverse groups of people in the community

How will the City of Ottawa be capturing community information and input?

Many sectors and residents have a role to play in developing and implementing our local Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. Taking an evidence-informed approach, the City of Ottawa will initiate the planning process through stakeholder and program mapping, data analysis, and multiple stakeholder and public engagement activities. The local CSWB Advisory Committee will provide strategic feedback throughout the process.

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Next Steps

The project team would like to hear from you! City staff will be reaching out to the public and stakeholders through a variety of engagement opportunities in early 2020. Sign up to be notified of upcoming opportunities to participate in public engagement activities.

For more information, please contact:

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The creation of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is a two-year project with opportunities to provide comments throughout the process. Following adoption by City Council, Ottawa’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan will be provided to the Ministry of the Solicitor General.