Bilingualism Policy

On May 9, 2001, Ottawa City Council enacted the Bilingualism Policy, which reaffirms its commitment to offer services in the two official languages to both residents and staff. The Bilingualism Policy is based largely on that of the former City of Ottawa and is deemed both practical and flexible in its approach.

The Bilingualism Policy's specific provisions govern several features of civic activity, notably communications, the proactive delivery of services in both languages to citizens and staff, work organization, including designation of positions, language training, and cultural program management.

The policy statement sums up City Council's general objective at the time the Bilingual Policy was adopted. It is stated therein that "the City of Ottawa recognizes both official languages as having the same rights, status and privileges."

The Policy also provides for the implementation of a mechanism to investigate complaints from citizens and staff pertaining to the availability of quality services in both official languages. This task is the responsibility of the French Language Services Branch.

The Branch itself is under the authority of the City Manager’s Office - who is responsible for policy implementation.

Finally, the Policy stipulates that a standing advisory committee - the French Language Services Advisory Committee - should be set up "to advise the municipal administration and Council with regard to the implementation of the Policy on bilingualism."


Municipal By law (2001-170)

Minutes of the Corporate Services & Economic Development Committee meeting of May 1, 2001

Minutes of the City Council meeting of May 9, 2001

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