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Local business events

Events Calendar - Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation

The OCRI (Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation) calendar provides a list of events, seminars, guest speakers and conferences in Ottawa, particularly as they relate to Ottawa’s telecommunication, photonics, microelectronics, software and life sciences business clusters and Ottawa’s research and development community. OCRI is a non-profit partnership organization focused on business promotion and development, supporting Ottawa as a globally competitive knowledge-based economy.

Visit the OCRI Events Calendar for featured events in our community.

City Hall Calendar

The City Hall Calendar of Events lists Council and Committee meetings on a monthly basis. This calendar is a valuable resource for obtaining information on current City issues and recommendations to be considered by Council and its Committees. It is also a valuable tool for researching past approved Council and Committee reports and recommendations. Reports can be reviewed pertaining to City Hall business and its activities such as transportation, health, recreation, social services, planning, finance and environment.

Refer to the City Hall Calendar of Events to find out more about issues and events affecting your community.

National Capital Events and Programs

The Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale nationale (RGA) organizes a variety of networking events. Breakfast and luncheon keynotes, cocktail events, workshops for business owners, golf tournaments, Kick-Off Dinners and Gala are among the events we organize for the greater business community. Bringing together 600 members throughout Ottawa-Gatineau, the RGA is at the forefront of the region’s economic and social development.

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Chambers of Commerce

West Ottawa Board of Trade Events and Programs

The West Ottawa Board of Trade hosts a variety of events throughout the year providing great opportunities for businesses to connect and grow in the West Ottawa communities of Nepean, Kanata, Goulbourn & West Carleton. These events range from workshops and informative topical speaker presentations, to trade shows, golf tournaments and awards galas. There are monthly breakfast and networking opportunities for both member and non-member businesses and an extensive variety of additional benefits and programs.

Visit the West Ottawa Board of Trade Events and Programs Calendar for more information. 

Orléans Chamber of Commerce Events and Programs

The Orléans Chamber of Commerce events, held monthly, provide great opportunities for member businesses to expand their client base, find out what other businesses and services are available in the community, and to make connections with other businesses. The Orléans Chamber of Commerce events provide excellent networking opportunities, relevant information to help business, and help raise funds to support the Chamber mandate.

Visit the Orléans Chamber of Commerce Events and Programs Calendar for more information.

Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Events and Programs

The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce sponsors events on a monthly basis featuring keynote speakers on topical business issues, business achievement and award events and membership activities. The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce provides networking, professional and business development opportunities and member benefits and services.

Visit the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Events and Programs Calendar for more information.