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Comprehensive Asset Management

Comprehensive Asset Management - Overview

Comprehensive Asset Management (CAM) is an integrated business approach involving the different disciplines of planning, finance, engineering, maintenance and operations to effectively manage existing and new infrastructure.

The objectives of this integrated approach to infrastructure management are to maximize benefits, reduce risk and provide safe and reliable levels of service to community users in a socially, culturally, environmentally and economically conscious manner.

The CAM Program encompasses all aspects of the management of each asset through its lifecycle in that it:

  • Integrates with the Corporate Planning Framework to complement the strategic objectives of the City, other key business systems, legislation, and regulations;
  • Creates a framework that establishes the mechanism for a clear line of sight between our AM program and Corporate objectives and strategies; and
  • Commits to providing approved levels of service for present and future customers and communities, in the most effective and efficient way, through the planning, design, construction, acquisition, operation and maintenance, renewal, and disposal of assets.

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