Guest parking permit

The guest parking permit program is to provide residents in defined areas with a special privilege that allow their guests to park for longer periods than otherwise permitted, subject to some limitations and conditions. 

What you need

Residents residing within an existing guest parking permit zone must complete an application form and provide evidence including:  

  • That they reside in the designated area (in the form of official documents); and  
  • There is insufficient parking at their place of residence to provide short-period guest parking during the time-restricted on-street parking periods (for tenants, a letter from a landlord may also be required).  

Note: The guest parking permit applicant must be the resident and must retain and distribute the permit to their guests for use only during the guest visit.   

Residents wishing to learn about existing guest parking permit zone locations or establish a new guest parking permit zone must submit their request by contacting 3-1-1.


$29.25 per year (2024)


Guest parking permit application

We are currently experiencing longer than usual delays in processing permit applications. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.

Note: Refunds are not available for this permit.