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A message from the City Manager

The Equity and Inclusion Lens is an important tool to support the work of City staff, management and Council. This tool was developed in partnership with the City for All Women Initiative with the generous contributions of the community and through a partnership grant between the City of Ottawa and Status of Women Canada.

The Equity and Inclusion Lens helps us to be consistent and coherent in our efforts to move equity and inclusion forward in our services, through our people and to the benefit of our city. By applying the lens to our work we can:

  • Generate better solutions by incorporating diverse perspectives
  • Take positive steps to remove systemic barriers and promote inclusion
  • Create a more positive and respectful work environment
  • Achieve improved client satisfaction

The City believes in a city for everyone – not because it is required through federal, provincial and municipal legislation and policies – but because we all benefit when people are included. Our community is becoming more and more diverse and so are the needs and aspirations of its residents. For this reason, we need to incorporate this reality into how we plan and deliver programs and services so we can remain relevant, meaningful and effective.

I urge you all to make the lens part of your daily work and reflect it in your goals and outcomes. In doing so, we will demonstrate that Ottawa is a city for everyone.

Steve Kanellakos,
City Manager

Under review

The City is committed to ensuring we use an equitable lens in all we do. We are currently reviewing this resource to keep it relevant.

Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook Cover