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About the disclosure of Members' office expenses

Members of Council are provided an annual Constituency Services Budget, which is used to administer their offices, conduct meetings, communicate with residents and other stakeholders, and support and promote activities in their communities, including representing the City at functions, events and conferences. It is also used to pay staff and individuals who provide professional services to a Member's office.

Members' expenditures are governed by the City's Council Expense Policy. This policy provides guidance to Members of Council on the expenditures that support them in fulfilling their statutory duties as elected officials. 

In a municipal election year, and in relation to a municipal by-election, certain restrictions are placed on Members’ office budgets and the allowable expenses that can be incurred. These restrictions are set out in the Election-Related Resources Policy and its supporting Election-Related Blackout Period Procedures.

The City is committed to fair, transparent and responsible financial practices, as detailed in the Council Expense Policy. As such, Member of Council Office monthly and annual total expenses are proactively disclosed and made available online. 

Please note that the expenses disclosed online are presented in a manner that ensures that personal information is protected. Summaries and itemized office expenses are disclosed once proper accounting and reconciliation of expenses has taken place. 

The 2018-2022 term of Council began on December 1, 2018 and ended on November 14, 2022. The 2022-2026 term of Council began on November 15, 2022 and will end on November 14, 2026.

It is noted the Constituency Services Budget for 2022 was divided into two parts to reflect the end of one term and the beginning of another as outlined below:

January 1, 2022 to November 14, 2022 

  • 10.5/12th - $243,318 (budget) and $8,586 (3.5% contribution limit) – allocated to the 2018-2022 term Councillor

November 15, 2022 to December 31, 2022

  • 1.5/12th - $35,090 (budget) and $1,158 (3.5% contribution limit) – allocated to the 2022-2026 term Councillor

January 1 to December 31, 2023

  • The Council-approved amount of the Constituency Services Budget for 2023 was $284,648 and was allocated to each Ward Councillor.

The Mayor’s expenses are also governed by the Council Expense Policy. A similar formula was used for the Mayor’s budget with the January 1 to December 31, 2023 Council-approved budget set at $970,646.

In accordance with the legislated requirements of the Municipal Act, 2001, a Statement of Remuneration, Benefits and Expenses Paid to Council Members, Council Appointees, and Police Services Board members, is also reported to Council each year.

2022-2026 Term of Council

2018-2022 Term of Council