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Solid Waste Master Plan

Project Status: 


The City of Ottawa is set to undertake the first major update of its Integrated Solid Waste Master Plan since 2003. The new Master Plan will set the strategic direction for how waste is managed in Ottawa over the next 30 years.

The Plan will incorporate a variety of waste management strategies and policies, including approaches to increase both curbside and multi-residential waste diversion, waste prevention and reuse strategies, regulatory strategies, resource recovery strategies and residual management strategies.

The Plan will consider the current regional, national and global waste contexts. This includes the shift to a circular economy, the move toward individual producer responsibility for products and packaging and the issue of single-use plastics.


An Integrated Waste Management Master Plan was approved by Council in 2002, the first solid waste master plan developed for the newly amalgamated City of Ottawa.

The framework of the Plan was updated in 2011, including a new vision, goals and targets. However, the implementation and associated budget was put on hold pending changes to Provincial Legislation.

Solid waste management is continuously evolving, and our city is growing. It is necessary to update the solid waste management plans and policies to reflect industry, social and legislative changes. Careful planning is required to ensure that the right infrastructure and programs are in place and that the City is well positioned to sustainably manage Ottawa’s waste, well into the future.

The City will be conducting an extensive consultation and engagement process throughout the development of the Waste Plan. This will in ensure that all stakeholders, including the general public, have the opportunity to provide their feedback, ideas and opinions.


Council has approved the scope and framework for the development of the City of Ottawa’s 30-Year Solid Waste Master Plan. The Waste Plan will be developed over the next two years and guide how waste is managed in Ottawa over the next 30 years.

The consultation process will begin in early 2020. Input will be sought from stakeholders and the community throughout the course of Plan development.

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