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Developing affordable housing

The City works with private and not-for-profit sectors to develop affordable housing. This helps advance our 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. We:

  • Deliver federal, provincial and municipal affordable housing programs such as:
    • Action Ottawa
    • Ontario Renovates Program
    • Homeownership Down Payment Assistance
  • Find ways to improve housing affordability for low- income households. We negotiate and advocate with other levels of government, community agencies, developers, and other City departments.
  • Develop and manage funding and incentive programs using federal and provincial funding, private funding, land, and other equity.
  • Build community capacity by creating partnerships in the community to transfer and share knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Action Ottawa 

Action Ottawa increases the supply of low-income affordable housing. This includes well designed and well managed supportive housing. Action Ottawa:

  • Combines City incentives with funding from other levels of government to help private and non-profit developers build new affordable rental housing for moderate and low-income households.
  • Uses fee relief, capital grants, and in some cases, City-owned land.
  • Leverages municipal resources with other government programs and grants.

For more information about federal housing initiatives and the National Housing Strategy, visit the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation website.

For more information about provincial housing initiatives, visit the Province of Ontario.


The City issues:

  • Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Requests for Expressions of Interest (REI)
  • Requests for Offers (RFO). 

These allocate Action Ottawa capital grants, incentives, City owned lands for affordable housing. Proposals submitted under these programs must meet requirements set by City Council and upper levels of government.

Visit MERX for these initiatives.

For more information, email Affordable Housing Branch or call 613-580-2424 ext. 12300.

New affordable housing developments

Through the Action Ottawa program, the City works with not-for-profit and private housing providers to build affordable for residents of Ottawa. The 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan 2020-2030 aims to create 5,700 to 8,500 affordable housing options through new units and housing subsidies. The units are for low to moderate income households.

Below are examples of projects supported with funding from the City and provincial and federal governments. Some are in progress and others are nearing completion. For a full list of projects in development, contact

Supportive housing

216 Murray Street in Rideau-Vanier Ward
Shepherds of Good Hope


  • 48 supportive housing units
  • Located in Lowertown
  • One mixed-use supportive housing development with on-site services
  • Focus on housing Indigenous individuals and women
  • Basement with building and food storage space, intake room, commercial laundry room, mechanical rooms, and bike storage
  • First floor will hold a drop-in centre and soup kitchen
  • Second floor will have a kitchen, resident amenity spaces, and staff offices
  • Residential units will be located throughout the third and eighth floors
  • A private terrace and fenced patio will provide outdoor amenity spaces for tenants

For more information, visit Shepherds of Good Hope.

216 Murray Street in Rideau-Vanier

494 Lisgar Street in Somerset Ward
John Howard Society


  • 28 bachelor units
  • 4-storey residential building that will include office space
  • Supportive housing for adult women experiencing homelessness, with a focus on Indigenous women
  • Women will live in bachelor units on the top three floors
  • JHS staff offices and communal programming spaces located on the main floor
  • The building will be staffed 24/7, including cultural support workers and Indigenous Elders
  • 10 underground parking spaces plus an outdoor amenity area at the rear of the building

For more information, contact

500 Lisgar Street

745 Mikinak Road in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
Multifaith Housing Initiative


  • 40 supportive units
  • Located in Wateridge Village, former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe lands
  • Known as Veteran’s House: the Andy Carswell Building
  • 4-storey 40-unit supportive housing project for veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Building includes a communal kitchen, outdoor barbecuing areas, an indoor gym, and a dog park for service dogs
  • Support services, such as mental health and counselling, are available and tailored to the needs of each veteran
  • Project was completed in early 2021

For more information, visit Multifaith Housing Initiative.

745 Mikinak

289 Carling Avenue in Capital Ward
John Howard Society


  • 40 affordable units
  • Two-storey podium with offices for JHS and client-support offices
  • Supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness
  • Affordable units with independent studio and one-bedroom apartments
  • Accessible units will be included

For more information, contact

289 Carling Avenue in Capital Ward

765 Montreal Road in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
Shepherds of Good Hope


  • 42 affordable units
  • 4-storey 42-unit apartment building with affordable housing for single
  • Apartment units are independent studio units located on floors 2 to 4
  • Shared facilities, such as a multi-purpose room, common kitchen, quiet room, and laundry room, are located on the ground floor
  • The building will have a wine-making room as part of SGH’s harm-reduction program
  • Majority of units are to be barrier-free or can be made to be barrier-free in the future

For more information, visit Shepherds of Good Hope.

765 Montreal Road

Mixed unit housing

3865 Old Richmond Road in College Ward
The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa


  • 35 affordable units
  • 3-and-a-half (4 level) mixed use building
  • A community health and resource centre will be on the main floor
  • Community health and resource centre uses would be for the FAMSAC Food Cupboard and the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre
  • Residential units will be on the second and fourth floors
  • Units will be a mixture of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units

For more information, contact

3865 Old Richmond Road

715 Mikinak Road in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
Ottawa Community Housing

  • Proposed total of 271 units
  • Building A – 115 units
  • Building B – 114 units
  • Building C – 42 units


  • Located in Wateridge Village, former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe lands
  • Three buildings with studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments
  • Below-market rentals for middle income earners struggling to keep up with rising rent prices in Ottawa
  • Multiple outdoor amenity areas with a community garden, BBQ area, junior playground, various courts, and seating areas
  • Building’s construction design will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utility costs for tenants
  • To be completed in spring 2024

For more information, visit Ottawa Community Housing.

715 Mikinak Road in Rideau-Rockliffe

159 Forward Avenue in Kitchissippi Ward
Centretown Citizens Ottawa


  • 31 affordable units
  • 4-storey universally accessible low-rise apartment
  • Residential units will provide a mix of sizes ranging from studio to 3-bedroom
  • Units will serve needs of families, seniors, youth, newcomers, and refugees
  • Rents will be at Average Market Rent and Below Market Rent
  • All units will meet universal accessibility standards
  • 6 units will be barrier free and 4 units will be adaptable to the barrier-free standard
  • 6 units proposed at the basement level, 9 on the first floor, 8 on the second floor, and 8 units on the third floor

For more information, contact

159 Forward Avenue in Kitchissippi

811 Gladstone Avenue in Somerset Ward
Ottawa Community Housing


  • 140 affordable units across 3 buildings
  • 6-storey apartment building with 108 units – 15 bachelor, 59 one-bedroom, 38 two-bedroom, 20 three-bedroom, and 8 four-bedroom
  • 36 homes will be for seniors
  • Two stacked townhouses will hold 32 townhomes – 16 two-bedroom, 8 three-bedroom, and 8 four-bedroom
  • It will be the largest residential Passive House building in Canada, known for high energy efficiency standards
  • To be completed in March 2021 - Phase 1

For more information, contact

Rendering of 811 Gladstone Avenue in Somerset


455 Wanaki Road

455 Wanaki Road in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
Habitat for Humanity


  • 8 townhomes
  • Located in Wateridge Village, former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe lands
  • Known as Titus Landing
  • 3-storey development with 8 stacked townhomes for families
  • Ground floor has accessible units including one barrier-free 3-bedroom unit
  • Upper floors have 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units
  • To be completed in winter 2022

For more information, visit Habitat for Humanity.


2262 Braeside Avenue in Alta Vista Ward
Ellwood House - pre-development

Breaside North


  • 38 units
  • New development will house seniors
  • 3-and-a-half storey extension of the existing Ellwood House retirement home Property is the former rectory for the St. Thomas Apostle Anglican Church
  • The retirement home will have 38 one-bedroom units
  • Units will be accessible and 8-barrier free

For more information, contact

2865 Riverside Drive in River Ward
St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa - pre-development


  • Up to 133 units
  • New development will house seniors
  • Southern part of site is occupied by a 5-storey long-term care facility by the Youth Services Bureau
  • North part of site will hold new proposed 7-storey building

For more information, contact

2865 Riverside Drive