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Intro - Spay / Neuter Clinic

The Spay/Neuter Clinic is a City-operated facility which provides dog and cat sterilization and microchipping services. Spaying or neutering pets reduces the number of unwanted domesticated animals and the cost of animal control. The Clinic is a revenue neutral service, meaning that fees are set to recover the cost of services without generating a loss or a profit. Fees for service are approved by City Council as necessary to maintain that objective.

Please note:

  • Given an on-going high demand for our services, the requested surgery may take up to 6 months to be performed, depending on the category, where male cat neuters may be sooner than female dog spays. We appreciate your patience. If your pet has already been sterilized at another clinic since first contacting us, please let us know by email to
  • The City of Ottawa Spay/Neuter Clinic is a scent-free building. Please refrain from wearing scented products or bringing pets which are scented into the building. The Clinic reserves the right to decline service where scents are present on a client or a pet. We thank you for your consideration of the health and safety of our staff.

Restrictions for cats/dogs

Age restrictions

These surgeries can be performed on cats 5 months to 7 years and dogs 6 months to 5 years.

Female pets in heat

If you have a female dog, she needs to be out of heat for a minimum of two months prior to her surgery date. Female cats can have their surgery while they are in heat.


Surgery Fee

(HST included and rounded to the nearest dollar)

Male cat $191

Female Cat $245

Male Dog $364-410 (based on weight)

Female Dog $402-535 (based on weight)

Other services available during booked surgery

(HST included and rounded to the nearest dollar):

Microchip $41

City of Ottawa License fee $22

What you need

Leash and Carrier

Cats must be brought into the clinic in a crate or carrier, and dogs must be brought in on collar and a short leash or in a carrier, we do not want your dog wearing a harness or a head halter. No scents or perfume on your pet or in their carrier as our clinic is scent free.

Vaccinations and Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

It is strongly recommended, but not required, that all pets be fully vaccinated and have pre-anesthetic blood work at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. We do not perform any vaccinations  and we do not do blood work on site. We recommend that you discuss vaccines and blood work with the full-service veterinary clinic of your choice

Location and hours of operation


City of Ottawa Spay/Neuter Clinic

26 Concourse Gate, Unit 5

Ottawa, ON K2E 7T7

(Located in the Colonnade Business Park, off Colonnade Road South.)

Business Hours

The City of Ottawa Spay/Neuter Clinic is open for surgeries, with new protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Note that we are not able to accept walk-in requests for appointments or other services at this time. 

Monday to Thursday surgery admissions:

07:30 am -09:00 am 
03:00 pm - 03:30 pm

Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays

Apply (Scheduling the Surgery)

Under construction! On-line appointment booking coming soon. Please check back Spring 2024.

Once the appointment is booked, a deposit of $75.00 per pet is required.

Please Note: 

It may take 4-6 months before the surgery will be performed.

If you have already submitted a request for surgery, we ask for your patience as you will be contacted in the order that requests were received. It may take us several weeks to contact you given the higher than normal demand for surgery.

Pay the Deposit

You must have an appointment booked before making your deposit. The deposit amount is $75.00 per pet and non-refundable. When booking your appointment, you will receive your unique Order ID. This reference number must be used when making your online payment.

Pay your deposit online.

Pre-surgery instructions


No food after 10 pm the night before surgery. Please keep water available overnight but do not allow pets to drink water after 7 am.

Rescheduling the surgery

If you need to reschedule your pet’s surgery date, we require a minimum of two business days so that you do not lose your deposit. The deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your appointment. Please contact the clinic if there have been any changes to your pet’s health since you booked the appointment: 613-798-8970 press “2” to leave a message or

Day of booked surgery

Please note that drop-ins will not be accepted; an appointment is required.

Drop-off of pet

When you arrive at the clinic in the morning remain in your vehicle with your pet and text the clinic at 613-277-1529 with your name and your pet’s name to let us know that you are here. We will give you directions at that time to either meet us outside the clinic or wait in your car until we are ready for you. Clients are not allowed into the clinic with their pet.

Once it is your pet’s turn, we will bring your pet into our clinic for it’s exam with our vet. Once the exam is done, we will call you to discuss any findings and to get payment for your pet’s surgery. Once payment has been processed then you will leave and come back at the scheduled pickup time in the afternoon.

Surgery consent waiver

Please review the consent waiver below as you will be giving verbal consent the morning of surgery.

I, the owner /the authorized agent and have the authority to execute this consent and waiver. I hereby request the City of Ottawa Spay-Neuter Clinic to spay/neuter my dog/cat and agree to pay the fees described herein at the time of service.
To the best of my knowledge, my animal is fit and healthy. I acknowledge that it is recommended that all pets admitted into the Clinic be vaccinated and that, in the event that my pet is not fully vaccinated prior to surgery, I have been informed of the risks associated therewith. I understand that my pet will be sterilized regardless of reproductive status.
I agree to waive any and all claims for damages against the City of Ottawa Spay-Neuter Clinic, its officers, agents, or employees and the City of Ottawa in the event of illness, injury or death of my pet arising from the hospitalization and/or surgical procedures.
I understand that the Spay-Neuter Clinic does not perform pre-surgical blood work and that a pet can have medical conditions which are not apparent through history taking and physical exam alone. Pre-surgical blood work can be performed at full-service animal clinics/hospital.


If you would like your pet to receive a microchip, please inform us on arrival.

Pet Registration

If your pet has not yet received their City of Ottawa pet tag, you can register the day of surgery.

Pick-up after surgery

When you arrive at the clinic please text us your name and your pet’s name to let us know that you have arrived. We will let you know when we will be out with your pet. We will answer any questions that you might have about post-operative care and give you all the paperwork and/or medication for your pet.

Post-surgery instructions

For instructions on what to do after the surgery, please view the care of your pet after surgery.

Emergency Post-Operative Problems

Serious complications are very rare but require immediate veterinary care.

Excessive bleeding from the surgical incision

If bleeding does not stop after 10-15 minutes of pressure to the area, or if bleeding recurs, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Opening of the surgical incision

This may happen if your pet is too active or is allowed to lick at the incision. Seek veterinary care immediately.

Unusually long or poor recovery from the anaesthesia or surgery

Your pet should be more alert and acting more like normal as each day passes. Your pet should be able to walk around the house or apartment without difficulty. If your pet seems weak or refuses to eat within 48 hrs, have your pet examined.

Emergency Care

If you have an emergency during our office hours, please call us at 613-798-8970.

If you have an emergency Monday to Thursday when our office is closed, please call the Client Service Centre at 613-580-2400 or 311 to reach our Clinic Veterinarian who is on call for emergencies only.

If emergency care is required on Thursday after 10pm, on Friday, Weekends or on Holidays, please contact :

Animal Emergency Ottawa
1155 Lola St,
Open weekdays 6 pm to 8 am, Fridays from 4 pm
Weekends and holidays 24 hrs

Inform them your pet had surgery at the City of Ottawa Spay Neuter Clinic. In some circumstances post-surgical care at these facilities may be covered by the City of Ottawa Spay Neuter Clinic. However, the City of Ottawa Spay Neuter Clinic is not financially responsible for any unapproved costs incurred.

  • You can also contact your own veterinary clinic, or any other clinic of your choice.

For more information

Phone: 613-798-8970 (press 2 to leave a voicemail)


Please note, we are unable to book surgery via email or in-person.