Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan

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Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan

The Community Design Plan (CDP) study area focuses on Stittsville Main Street. The study area is bound by Neil Avenue on the north end and Bell Street on the south end. The study area also includes intersecting streets, such as Carp Road on the north, and Abbott Street, in the centre of the historic village.

The Stittsville Main Street CDP is a Council-approved policy document that documents the planning process, recommends changes to the Official plan and the incorporation of new policies in a Secondary Plan specific to the Study Area. The CDP will be used by city staff, the community and proponents to inform the planning and review of development proposals occurring on public and private lands in the study area, and also forms the basis for any future zoning for the land. The Plan also assists in identifying and prioritizing capital projects undertaken by City Departments.

Reference this CDP document during the: Development Review Process; Parkland Acquisition process; Infrastructure Renewal process; etc. As professionals follow the CDP policies in their work, the vision and objectives of the CDP will ultimately be realized.

Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan [ PDF 6.945 MB ]