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Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services recruitment

Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Summer Campaign is now open and will be accepting online applications for the 2018 Summer Season from February 1 to September 1, 2018.

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jobsMake a difference in your community; Join our team

Welcome to the City of Ottawa's Recreation and Culture part-time job opportunities. We are always searching for energetic and talented people to take on exciting challenges and contribute to our community. Our job opportunities are a perfect way for you to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills. 

Recreation, Culture and Facility Services run two hiring campaigns throughout the year. The Fall, Winter and Spring Hiring Campaign is open for a 12 month period beginning in May. Candidates are required to apply to the new competitions when they are posted in May to be considered for opportunities. The Fall, Winter and Spring Hiring Campaign is used to staff opportunities for employment for during the fall, winter and spring months.

The Summer Campaign opens each year in February and closes at the end of the summer recreation season. This campaign is used to staff summer employment opportunities exclusively.

Each campaign offers a wide range of opportunities in various programs and services such as:

  • Archives Assistant
  • After School Leader
  • Aqua Fitness Instructor
  • Arts Instructor
  • Beach Volleyball Support
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Counsellor to work with Special Needs Clientele
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Heritage Interpreter
  • Lifeguard/Instructor
  • Park Supervisor
  • Public Skating Attendant
  • Program Leader
  • Sports Instructor
  • Speciality Sports/Arts Instructor

Before you submit your application, review important facts and information. Refer to the How to apply for jobs online at the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa does not accept unsolicited, late or incomplete applications. Apply online to all competitions that you are interested in and qualified for. We can only consider you for employment on the competitions you have applied to.

Important Facts and Information

Police Records Check

All Parks, Recreation and Culture employees are required to provide a current valid Police Record Check as your employment involves working with the ‘vulnerable sector’ of the population. The Police Record Check is required at the time of the interview.

For information on how to obtain a Police Record Check, visit the Ottawa Police Service site.

Documents required prior to being hired

The following documents will be required upon request:

  • Your Social Insurance Card
  • Current Police Record Check (received within six months of date of hire)
  • Direct deposit is mandatory so a void cheque or valid banking transaction form is required
  • Proof of age – Candidates must be 16 years of age or older by the first date of employment 
  • Current qualifications/certifications as outlined in competition advertisement - original documents will be required at time of interview.

For all inquiries please contact the HR Service Centre at 613-580-2424, extension 47411.

Jobs in aquatics


Qualified lifeguard or on the path to becoming one?

We want you! Did you know the City Ottawa has aquatic job opportunities available for candidates at all stages of the certification process? 

Register for and attend the upcoming screening session on Wednesday, September 5:

  • 4 to 6 pm,  check-in at 3:30 pm
  • Location: Splash Wave Pool
  • Register with barcode: 1421523

Join our team today as:

  • Wading Pool Attendant (seasonal)
  • Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard (seasonal beaches)
  • Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor

What are the required entry-level qualifications?

Wading Pool Attendant:
  • Must be 16 yrs of age by June 1, 2019
  • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
  • AODA
  • Recommended Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard (NL)
Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard:
  • National Lifeguard (NL)
  • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
  • Oxygen Therapy or Airway Management
  • AODA
Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor:
  • National Lifeguard (NL)
  • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
  • Oxygen Therapy or Airway Management
  • AODA

How do I start the Application Process? 

  1. Apply on line at
    1. Applications for the seasonal Wading Pool Attendant, Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard and Summer Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor positions can be submitted online effective February 2019
    2. Applications for year-round Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor positions can be submitted online from May 22, 2018 to May 19, 2019, competition 52169625
  2. Register for and attend the upcoming screening session:
    1. Wednesday, September 5
    2. 4 to 6 pm, Check-in at 3:30 pm
    3. Splash Wave Pool
    4. Register: 1421523
  3. Email questions to:
    1. Wading Pool Attendant:
    2. Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard:
    3. Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor:

What is a screening?

The screening is an in-person interview or a skills verification session consisting NL and Standard First Aid items. It allows your hiring supervisor to know that your skills meet the expected standard.

Wading Pool Attendant Screening Items:

  • In person interview

Waterfront Lifeguard Screening items:

  • 20 metre head-up approach to a non-swimmer with a 5 metre carry 
  • Deep water spinal turnover with 15 metre carry 
  • Submerged victim recovery with removal 
  • First aid (arterial bleed on inner forearm)
  • 200 metre swim under 3 minutes
  • 50 metre swim, submerged mannequin recovery, carry 25 metre in under 1.5 minutes
  • 25 metre underwater swim 
  • Recover 3, 20lb bricks in under 2 minutes
  • Conscious to unconscious choking infant

Aquatic Lifeguard Screening items:

  • 20 metre head-up approach to a non-swimmer with a 5 metre carry (reach victim in 18 seconds or less) 
  • Deep water spinal turnover with 15 metre carry 
  • Submerged victim recovery with removal 
  • Conscious to unconscious choking infant 
  • Recover 3, 20lb bricks in under 2 minutes
  • First aid (arterial bleed on inner forearm)

When are the screenings?

Pool screenings
Screening Type Date Time Location Barcode
Wading Pool Attendant Dates, times, and locations will be available January 2019      
Aquatic Lifeguard/Instructor Wednesday, September 5, 2018

4 to 6 pm

Check-in 3:30 pm

Splash Wave Pool 1421523
Aquatic Lifeguard/Instructor Friday, November 2, 2018

7 to 9 pm

Check-in 6:30 pm

Brewer Pool 1421522

When you register in person for the screening, you will be required to provide the certification dates of all of your qualifications. However, if you register online this feature is not available. In these cases, please email  to provide the certification dates for your required entry-level qualifications.

How should I prepare for a screening?

Wading Pool Attendant candidates should consult the list of wading pool locations available on to determine preferred work locations. 

It is recommended that Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor and Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard candidates practice all items beforehand. Facilities are looking to hire those candidates with strong first aid and lifeguarding skills.Please note that many of the facilities we use for the screenings have a deeper deep-end than you may be used to. We encourage you to go to the pool where the screenings will be hosted and practice going to the bottom of their deepest point to ensure your success with the brick recovery item.

What do I need to bring to the screening?

Wading Pool Attendant candidates:

  • Copy of certification for Standard First Aid, CPR ‘C’ with AED and AODA
  • Police Record Check for the Vulnerable Sector (both original and copy required)

Aquatic Lifeguard / Instructor and Aquatic Waterfront Lifeguard candidates:

  • Bathing suit
  • towel

Unless you have been asked otherwise, you do not need to bring proof of certification to the screening as this will be verified prior to the screening date.

Am I allowed to wear goggles to the screening?

The use of goggles is not permitted at any time throughout the screening. This is to ensure the most realistic simulation of any situation possible. As no exceptions will be made, please come prepared with your glasses or an extra pair of contacts.

What happens if I fail a screening item?

While we hope that you are able to pass every item the first time, we will make every effort to give you a second chance to complete the item at the screening. If you are still unable to complete the item, the evaluator will recommend that you practice more and attend the next screening.

I have completed the screening. Now what?

After having successfully completing a skills screening, you will be invited to contact the Program Coordinator at the facilities you are interested in working in by phone or email to arrange an interview. This contact information will be provided to you at the screening.  Interviews will be scheduled based on hiring requirements at each facility. 

Am I allowed to apply at multiple facilities?

Yes. Some facilities need more staff than others and some have different shifts available. Just inform your interviewer if you intend to apply at multiple facilities.

I have applied, completed the screening, and completed my interview. How do I know if I have a job?

Upon completion of interviews, facilities will be following up with those candidates successful in obtaining a position to provide them with an offer of employment.

Please note that candidates that register for the screening that do not have all mandatory qualifications completed by the screening date will be withdrawn.

Becoming a lifeguard or swim instructor

Aquatic leadership programs can lead to Aquatic career opportunities as a Wading Pool Attendant, Lifeguard and Instructor and Waterfront Lifeguard. The City of Ottawa aquatics team offers a progression of certification courses that provides you with the required qualifications to meet your goals. Contact your local pool for more information and required qualifications and age requirements.

A complete list of courses are listed in the Certification section of the Recreation Guide.

Bronze Star

  • Recommended 10 yrs & ability to swim 300m

Bronze Medallion / Emergency First Aid with CPR ‘B’

  • Must be 13 yrs or have Bronze Star

Bronze Cross

  • Must have Bronze Medallion / Emergency First Aid with CPR ‘B’

Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED

  • Recommended 12 yrs

Oxygen Therapy (O2) or Airway Management

  • Must have Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
  • Recommended 15 years

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor – Part 1

  • Must be 15 yrs by last day of course
  • Ability to perform Swim kids level 10 strokes and skills
  • Must have Bronze Cross (not required to be current)

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor – Part 2

  • Must have proof of completion for WSI Part 1
  • Online workbook, teaching experience and stroke & skill evaluation must be signed off

National Lifeguard

  • Must be 16 yrs by exam date
  • Must have Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
  • Must have Bronze Cross

Desirable Qualifications:

Lifesaving Society Instructor

  • Must be 16 yrs by last day of course
  • Must have Bronze Cross or NL

Youth leadership programs

Real training, Real certificates, Real experience!

The City of Ottawa offers a full range of leadership programs for youth 13 and up.

A complete list of courses is available in the Summer Camp section of the Recreation Guide.

“My daughter really enjoyed the leadership camp. She learned so much, made some great friends, and recognized some strengths that she didn't even know she had.” Lori Kerrigan, mom of past participant

“It was amazing and rewarding to see how much the participants grew. I didn’t even recognize them by the end of the program.” Derek McDonald, leadership instructor

“It was a fun way to develop life lessons and skills, gain work experience and meet new friends.” Liane Geis, past participant

Leadership Foundation

This two week program is aimed at 13 year olds and focuses on having fun while providing participants with an introduction to leadership styles, team building and communication skills. 

Leadership in Action

This two or three week program is aimed at 14 year olds and focuses on leadership development, team building, enhanced communication skills, first aid training (‘Basic first aid’ certificate) and valuable work experience in a recreation setting. Please note HST applies to participants 15 years and up.

Advanced Leadership Program (ALP)

This program is aimed at youth 15 years and up and focuses on valuable pre-employment skills, hands on work experience in recreation (qualifies for the 40+ hours of community service), certification in High Five: Principle of Healthy Child Development, Standard First aid, CPR, and defibrillator training. Participants will receive a certificate from the Mayor in a City Hall ceremony.

Volunteer opportunities - Recreation

Volunteers 14 years of age or older can participate in a wide variety of programs.

Volunteers can take part in:

  • Aquatics
  • Special events
  • Sports and recreation
  • Before and after school programs
  • March Break/Holiday Camps

For more information, email or call 613-580-2424 ext. 20029.