Green bin and leaf and yard waste

  • Confirm your collection day and see what is being picked up.

  • This award-winning environmental program allows schools to implement organic composting programs at no cost.

  • Most food and yard waste goes in your green bin.  Find a complete list here.  

  • Kitchen and yard waste can be composted and used to help gardens, lawns and indoor plants grow. Use quality compost from the City's Trail Waste Facility to help your garden grow. The compost is sold from March until November (while quantities last).

  • The Green Bin Program diverts residential organic waste away from our landfills, which saves the City millions of dollars and reduces the need for additional landfill sites.  

  • Get tips on how to keep your green bin clean, and free of animals, bugs and odours.

  • The green bin is collected each and every week, 52 weeks a year.

  • Learn how to package and dispose of leaf and yard waste.

  • Get a blue or black box or green bin at Canadian Tire stores.

Not all materials can be thrown in the garbage. There are many items the City does not collect at the curb. These can include: