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Waste reduction and education

Quick Tips to Reduce Waste


  • Keep track of how much garbage you put at the curb and what items you are often throwing out
  • Set recycling and composting goals for your household, workplace, event, or in your personal life


  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging and avoid individually wrapped items
  • Purchase durable, reusable, and refillable items
  • Print on both sides of paper


  • Bring reusable mugs and bottles to quench your thirst and always pack a reusable shopping bag
  • Find ways to reduce everyday items like bubble-wrap, foam peanuts, wrapping paper, ribbons, string, rubber bands, twist-ties, and paper clips
  • Shop at second-hand stores and donate your used items if they're still in good condition


  • Learn more about recycling and composting programs so you can divert waste from the landfill
  • Check out the City of Ottawa's Waste Explorer to find out how to dispose of items properly
  • Several household items can be taken back for reuse or recycling to more than 575 retailers in the Ottawa area. Visit the Waste Explorer for a retailer near you.

Interested in finding out more?

Invite the Public Works and Environmental Services outreach team to provide a presentation about Ottawa’s green bin and recycling programs to your school or community group! All presentations are subject to audience size and outreach team availability.

All About Recycling (Activity book)

Learn more about Ottawa's recycling program through fun games and puzzles in our downloadable activity book!

All About Recycling