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Community involvement

Development Application Search Tool

This search tool has been designed to give citizens greater access to development applications that have been submitted to the City of Ottawa.

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How to get involved in the development application process

Information is provided about making presentations at the Planning and Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees, City Council approvals and the Ontario Municipal Board.

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Planning Primer

The goal of this program is to build a strong relationship between the City and its communities and provide residents participating in the land-use planning process with knowledge and resources.  

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Registration of community organizations to receive notification of planning studies and development applications

Planning and Growth Management Annual Report 2014

Planning and Growth Management Annual Report 2014 - Book CoverAnnual Report 2014 [ PDF 12.029 MB ]

The Planning and Growth Management Department is made up of five inter-connected branches and over 450 employees. This report is a summary of what we accomplished in 2014 under John Moser's leadership as General Manager. It includes interesting facts and some photographs of the individuals and teams responsible for the work or achievement. In addition to those recognized, many others have helped support these initiatives. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this report, and all our dedicated staff for carrying out the daily business of the department.

Last year was another busy one for the department. The information contained in this report clearly paints that picture. We continue to work hard with our stakeholders, which include local residents, experts and consultants, trades and businesses, City Councillors, novice builders and established developers. We consider our stakeholders as partners, and our approach to service delivery embraces open communication. We work together to shape the growth of the city.

Although planning themes are constantly changing and evolving, we want to continue to emphasize design excellence as part of the city building agenda. Well designed buildings reflect the people they serve, and the environment they occupy. Good design allows us to promote and support strong connections, so that people can easily move around, no matter how they travel. A strong focus on our built form and public places and spaces will ensure that the work we do will help better plan for the city's future.

Michael Mizzi
Acting General Manager
Planning and Growth Management

Planning and Growth Management Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015

Collage of the Planning and Growth Management Annual Report StorymapThe Planning and Growth Management department is made up of five unique and interrelated branches. Our staff complement is over 400 strong. We are the professional, administrative and technical staff who implement the City's growth and development vision.

We take pride in connecting people and ideas to inspire, plan and build a liveable, inclusive and sustainable Ottawa.

This presentation profiles some of the department's 2015 accomplishments using new story map technology.

I am proud of our work and I hope that you enjoy our story.

Michael Mizzi
Acting General Manager
Planning and Growth Management Department