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June 2023

Calling all community members – have your say in the development of the Trees and Forests Outreach and Engagement Strategy!

The Trees and Forests Outreach and Engagement Strategy is recommendation #23 of the City of Ottawa’s council-directed Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). This strategy will propose tree and forest-related stewardship, outreach, and educational developments with the goal of enhancing existing programs and incentives and creating new opportunities for the community to further understand and care for its trees and forests.

The City of Ottawa’s trees and forests are an integral component of health and sustainability, providing countless benefits to the community, economy, and environment. The development of a Trees and Forests Outreach and Engagement Strategy will ensure that these benefits are maintained and amplified.

Community members can provide valuable opinion and information related to this strategy through the []request for Input Page on Engage This input will help to shape the strategy and allow the City to support the tree and forest-related initiatives that matter the most to those living and working within Ottawa.

More information about the UFMP and the Trees and Forests Outreach and Engagement Strategy may be found at Spread the word about the City’s Trees and Forests Outreach and Engagement Strategy and related Request for Input!

How Can We Prepare for Extreme Heat and Wildfires?

In the past month we have experienced recording breaking temperatures and off the charts air quality warnings. Extreme heat and wildfire smoke affect everyone and can have detrimental impacts for at-risk populations, including people who work outside, people experiencing homelessness, people who have pre-existing health conditions, young children, pregnant people and older adults. These events give us a stark reminder that climate change in Ottawa means we will continue to see more severe cycles of warmer temperatures and potential increases in wildfires or smoke.

The City is developing a Climate Resiliency Strategy and we want you to share your ideas on how we can all build our resilience to the impacts of extreme heat, extreme weather and other climate impacts. To learn more and share your ideas visit the Climate Resiliency Strategy page on Engage Ottawa.

There are also practical steps you can take today to prepare our families and communities from heat and wildfire related risks. Ottawa Public Health has information on preparing and protecting yourself from risks of extreme heat through Beat the Heat and the Outdoor Air Pollution resource pages. 

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation has created a Home Heat Protection and Apartment and Condo Heat Protection and FireSmart™ Home infographics to share cost effective ways to prepare your home for extreme heat events and wildfire. 

Visit the New Aquaview Rain Garden!

On May 26, the City of Ottawa, through its Rain Ready Ottawa (RRO) program, was joined by EnviroCentre, the Greater Avalon Community Association (GACA), Councillor Catherine Kitts, and community volunteers to install Ottawa’s newest rain garden at the Aquaview Community Building. This new community asset not only adds a beautiful garden to the Aquaview neighbourhood but will also serve as a demonstration of a rain garden in action.

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a bowl shaped garden that is designed to collect stormwater and manage it with water loving plants. Rain gardens allow stormwater to slowly absorb back into the ground and return to groundwater, reducing harmful runoff in the process and keeping Ottawa’s waterways healthy. Full of native and flowering plants, rain gardens bring the added benefit of creating habitats for local wildlife, such as butterflies, birds, and bees.

Interested in learning more about rain gardens and how you could get up to $2,500 to install your own? Visit or sign up for a rain garden course through RRO’s e-learning series.

New aquaview rain garden

ByWard Market Strategic Alignment Initiative and Public Realm Plan Update

On June 14th, 2023, City Council approved a staff report with the overall goal to move forward on a series of transformational initiatives aimed at improving Economic Prosperity, Diversification and Resilience; Community Safety and Well-Being; Place keeping; Place making; and Advocacy and Fundraising within a new ByWard Market district.

After exploring options to improve ByWard Market management, programming and operations, a single district governance and operating model was selected as the preferred approach to revitalize the area. The ByWard Market District Authority will use the existing Municipal Services Corporation legal structure, with a new Board of Directors, expanded operating mandate and new branding. The new authority will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining the streetscapes and public areas;
  • Enhancing the resident and visitor experience through public realm enhancements, installations, animation, branding and pageantry;
  • Supporting and advocating for property, small-business and entrepreneurial interests;
  • Hosting special events and activities;
  • Advocating for investment within the operating boundaries of the ByWard and Parkdale markets; and
  • Undertaking initiatives that improve community safety and well-being.

For more information on the revitalization of the ByWard Market, please visit

May 2023 continued

Lansdowne 2.0

In the coming weeks, we will be launching the Lansdowne 2.0 Coffee Chat series, a weekly gathering where staff or the public can ask questions, learn about the project, and share your thoughts directly with the Director of the Lansdowne Park Project from the comfort of your home or office.

The coffee chats will be held every Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Zoom, starting in June.

In addition to the Lansdowne 2.0 Coffee Chat, the Public Realm/Urban Park survey is now on Engage Ottawa. This survey provides an opportunity prioritize and share your suggestions regarding the development of the public realm and urban park areas within Lansdowne Park.

On May 17, 2023, we hosted a public engagement session on the Lansdowne Public Realm/Urban Park and presented 25 ideas that have been captured from various engagement efforts. You can view the 25 ideas that were proposed here.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to engage with the Lansdowne Park redevelopment project. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to

We thank you for your continued input and engagement and we look forward to shaping the future of Lansdowne Park together!

New Low-rise infill housing design guidelines

The City of Ottawa will be hosting a virtual public information session on Tuesday, June 6th at 6:30 p.m. on the newly released draft Low-rise Design Guidelines. Residents are invited to attend the session to hear from City staff and take part in a Q&A about the guidelines.

The new 2023 guidelines will provide design guidance to City staff, industry and ressidents on how low-rise housing should be designed and delivered in the context of infill and intensification in the urban area of the City.

Residents are asked to register in advance by using the link below.

For more information please email

Hintonburg Pumphouse Conservation and Redevelopment Project

This is to notify you that progress is being made in developing design concepts to to preserve the ruins of the historic Hintonburg Pumphouse and improve public use and access to the Ottawa River shoreline. Public engagement websites, information sessions, and site visits are now available.

A project webpage is available at Engage Ottawa, where you can learn about the history, opportunities, recommended design solutions and the next steps in the development of plans. Full details can be found here.


May 2023

Lansdowne 2.0

The City of Ottawa is hosting a Lansdowne 2.0 virtual public engagement session.

The Lansdowne 2.0 Public Realm/Urban Park virtual engagement session will be on May 17th at 6 pm.

As part of the Lansdowne 2.0 project and as a follow up to the many ideas that have come forward through various public consultations held for the Aberdeen Square and the Urban Park, the City would like to hear from you on the prioritization of the list of ideas that have been brought forward and gleaned from the public through previous engagements. The intent to improve the site by making the urban park more welcoming and support increased use of the park for an enhanced public experience.

Format: Staff presentation followed by a question and answer period. Register for the session by following this link. Please send any questions in advance of the public information session to

Learn more about Lansdowne 2.0.

Thank you and we hope to see you there,

Lansdowne Project Team

Have your say on the Climate Resiliency Strategy

Ottawa’s climate is changing. Overall Ottawa will become much warmer and wetter over the coming decades, with more extreme heat days, heavy rain and extreme weather events like severe winds, floods or winter storms.

The City is developing a Climate Resiliency Strategy to guide how Ottawa can prepare for and respond to the anticipated impacts of changing climate conditions. The Climate Resiliency Strategy is one of eight priorities of the Climate Change Master Plan.

There are several opportunities for you to contribute your ideas to help design the strategy.

  • Visit Engage Ottawa to learn more about climate trends and risks and share your ideas through a virtual comments board
  • Participate in person at one of the community dialogue sessions being organized by Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) and community associations with support from the City.
  • Join the virtual community dialogue on June 19
  • Organize your own climate conversation with your friends or neighbours. Contact for resources to help.

Visit Engage Ottawa for more details on ways to get involved.