One-time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding - closed

2023 Community Project Funding- approved agencies [ 118 KB ]

City of Ottawa invites local not-for-profit organizations to apply for One-time Non-Renewable Project Funding. This funding is used to deliver time-limited or pilot projects that address the specified outlined priorities.  

The focus of the funding for 2023 is aligned to support the following priorities:  

  • Children and youth  
  • Seniors  

Consult the One-time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding guidelines [ 166 MB ] for more information. 

Before you begin

One-Time Non-Renewable Project Funding will be allocated to eligible agencies by: 

  • One-year funding to a maximum of $30,000 per application 
  • Three-year funding to a maximum of $90,000 per application (allocated to organizations not receiving Sustainability Funding from the City of Ottawa)

One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding applications will be assessed through an allocation committee process. Eligible projects will be evaluated based on their capacity to:  

  • Respond to the needs of a diverse community  
  • Address gaps in services  
  • Respond to an emerging community need  
  • Foster and leverage partnerships  
  • Be viable and present a realistic project budget  
  • Identify clear anticipated outcomes and a plan to monitor and evaluate progress to achieve outcomes  


One-time Non-renewable Community Project Funding is limited to community based, non-profit organizations that:  

  • Are at least one of the following:  
    • An incorporated non-profit organization  
    • A registered charity  
    • Sponsored by an incorporated non-profit organization or a registered charity  
  • Address the appropriate priorities, as defined in the application and based on the selected funding Stream  
  • Operate in a non-discriminatory manner, as set out by the Ontario Human Rights Code  
  • Are governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors or Steering Committee (demonstrated through Annual General Meeting minutes)  
  • Are in good financial standing with the City of Ottawa  
  • Are located in and serve the residents of Ottawa  
  • Have been in existence for more than two years OR are sponsored by an organization that has been in existence for more than five years. 

Please see the process guidelines [ 166 MB ] for a full listing of ineligible organizations and expenses.  

Applicants currently receiving City of Ottawa’s, Sustainability Funding will not be eligible for the One-time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding, three-Year Funding.  

What you need

The application must include, but not be limited to: 

Successful applicants not in receipt of Sustainability Funding from the City must provide: 

  • A copy of your organization’s most recent year-end financial statements 
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes from past two years 
  • Names and addresses of all Board of Directors or Steering Committee members 
  • Current organizational chart 
  • Valid certificate of insurance 


Applications are closed.

Next steps

All applications will be assessed through an allocation committee process.  An applicant’s success in obtaining funding depends upon the allocation committee’s final evaluation. 

Final decisions will be communicated June 1. 

Successful applicants are required to sign a contribution agreement stating the terms and conditions of the contribution. If you are approved for funding, you must provide a valid certificate of insurance that includes the City of Ottawa as an additional insured under your policy.

Contact us

For questions and inquiries on this funding process, email