We need your input on regulations for private snow plow contractors

Published on
February 26, 2024
Health, public safety and emergencies

Each winter, snow removal is one of the key activities that keeps Ottawa in motion. The City is currently reviewing regulations in the Licensing By-law for snow plow contractors working on private property.

Participate in the online survey on Engage Ottawa to share your feedback on these regulations for private snow plow contractors. The survey will be open for responses until Sunday, March 31.

Did you know? All City vehicles removing snow are equipped with broadband back-up alarms. Research shows that broadband back-up alarms reduce noise pollution and enhance safety by broadcasting a range of frequencies to make the plow easier to locate. Watch this video to hear what a broadband back-up alarm sounds like compared to a tonal back-up alarm. The City is currently exploring the use of broadband back-up alarms on certain types of vehicles for private snow plow contractors.

Visit Engage Ottawa for more information.

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