Forest Valley Drive Traffic Calming Study

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In response to traffic concerns raised by the residents of Forest Valley Drive, the City of Ottawa has reinitiated a Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) Study to address these concerns.

This study has investigated the existing conditions on Forest Valley Drive between St. Joseph Blvd and Orléans Blvd. This includes the review of the land use context, traffic conditions and any past and future plans that may impact Forest Valley Drive. A traffic calming design concept then developed to mitigate negative impacts of motor traffic and support safer street environment.

Once the study recommendations have been finalized and funding confirmed, the approved traffic calming plan would proceed to design and construction. The entire process from study initiation to final construction can take approximately 2.5 to 4 years to complete.


Forest Valley Drive traffic concerns have previously been qualified and prioritized for a traffic study under NTC program (formerly known as Area Traffic Management) in 2014. At the time, multiple public consultations were completed and a draft traffic calming plan was developed, however, the plan was never approved. The study was paused per the previous Councillor’s request in 2016. The city received a number of complaints from residents in 2017 and after few years the study reinitiated again per the new Councillor’s request.

Information on Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is defined as the combination of mostly physical measures and street design elements that are intended to reduce the negative impacts of motorized vehicles and improve safety for all street users. For more information, please refer to the Traffic Calming Design Guidelines.

Online Public Consultation – Recommended Plan

Date and time

Mon, May 23 2022, 12:15pm to Mon, Jun 20 2022, 11:00pm

The City is hosting an online engagement for the Forest Valley Drive Traffic Calming project. The purpose of this online engagement is to share the recommended traffic calming plan for Forest Valley Drive with the community and seek feedback. This online engagement is organized into two parts:

We invite you to review the display boards first to learn the information you need to answer the questions in the online feedback form. The deadline date for submission of comments on the recommended plan is June 20, 2022.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call or email the City of Ottawa Project Manager, to provide your feedback.

For more information, please contact:

Mahsa Sharbaf, P. Eng
Project Manager, Active Transportation Planning Branch
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424 ext. 13256