Partial Solar Eclipse - April 8

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Current situation

On Monday, April 8, North America will experience a solar eclipse – where the moon passes in front the sun.  Ottawa will be experiencing a partial eclipse where the moon will be covering 98.8 per cent of the sun. 

Areas south of Ottawa, especially along the Seaway Valley – including Brockville and Kingston – will experience a total eclipse. At its peak, also known as totality, the moon will completely cover the sun. It quickly changes sky from daylight to night.

Partial eclipse facts for Ottawa on April 8

  • Moon coverage of the sun at its peak: 98.8 per cent
  • Level of darkness at its peak:  Similar to dusk or dawn
  • Start time of eclipse: 2:10 pm
  • Time of peak coverage: 3:25 pm
  • End of the eclipse: 4:35 pm
Health and safety – protecting your eyes

Looking directly into the sun is never recommended for the health of your eyes. However, looking directly into the sun during an eclipse poses even greater risks, ranging from temporary to permanent eye damage, including loss of vision.

To safely view an eclipse, you need approved solar filters or solar eclipse glasses that comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Regular sunglasses do not provide enough protection, no matter what UV protection level is listed.

The Ottawa Public Library is providing free ISO 12312-2 solar eclipse glasses, two per household while quantities last.  A safety information handout will also be provided.

For more solar eclipse health and safety information, visit

Impacts to City services

City services will operate as business as usual on Monday, April 8. Safety precautions, however, will be taken:

  • Non-urgent outdoor work during the hours of the eclipse will be rescheduled
  • The Jim Tubman and Lansdowne skating rinks will be closed on April 8.
  • City PA day camps and daycare centres will hold all activities indoors
  • No solar eclipse viewing rooftop activities will be permitted by employees or residents at any City of Ottawa facility