Fire safety programs and outreach

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Fire station tours

Before you begin 

You will be touring an emergency service facility. The station can receive an emergency call at any time and the firefighters will need to leave. 

Important information: 

  • If a call comes in, the tour ends immediately, and you must leave the station  
  • Children cannot be left unattended and must be accompanied by an adult 
  • Fire stations do not offer birthday party events 

Number of participants

Minimum: 10

Maximum: 25

Note: if your group is less than 10 participants, please contact

Length of tour

60 minutes

Request a station tour

Fire safety and community outreach application

Community event display table

Ottawa Fire Services can attend fairs and events and provide:

  • Free display table materials
  • Fire safety hand-outs and brochures
  • Fire prevention officer on-site to answer questions and provide information

Before you begin

Please advise in the event description area of the form if the event can supply the following:

  • a table, approximately 2 m (6’) long
  • 1 to 2 chairs


Community organizations

Not-for-profit organizations

Please note: For corporate events and events with entrance fees, please indicate so in the event description area of the form.

Request a display table and fire prevention officer for your event

Fire safety and community outreach application

Fire truck visit

Before you begin

  1. Confirm there is enough space to park the fire truck at the event site
    1. Approximately 12 m (40’) long x 3 m (10’) wide
  2. Provide name and phone number for an on-site contact person


  • Non-profit event
  • Minimum of 50 participants

Note: Fire trucks cannot be used to fill dunk tanks

Length of visit

60 minutes

Fire truck availability

April to October (7 days per week)

9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Note: Fire trucks are an emergency service and may need to leave to respond to emergencies during the event. 

Request a fire truck for your non-profit event

Fire safety and community outreach application

Wake Up! Program

Ottawa Fire Services firefighters visit homes within the community each spring and fall to encourage residents to install, test and ensure that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in their homes are present and in working condition.

Firefighters are in uniform and residents are not obligated to provide them access to their home. If no one is home when OFS comes calling, fire safety information is left in the mailbox. 


Homeowners who need new or additional alarms are given information on how to acquire one. Those who do not have any working smoke alarms may have one immediately installed for them on-site, or be provided with new batteries. For more information, visit the Alarms and fire extinguishers page.

Program dates

The Wake Up campaign takes place in June for eight days and in September for eight days.