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Update: Severe Weather Event Recovery

Public Works staff are continuing to focus efforts on restoring areas impacted by the storm. Your continued patience is appreciated as we navigate the next steps of the recovery efforts, including the removal of uprooted stumps and replacement of trees that were damaged by the storm. Please see below for more information.

Tree Stumping Operations

Forestry Services continues to plan for the removal of approximately 450 uprooted stumps on City property.

Residents with an uprooted stump located at the front or side of their property on the right of way portion of the lawn have received a letter from the City to notify them of the planned removal of the uprooted stump. If you have an uprooted stump on the right of way portion of your lawn and have not received a letter from the City informing you of the upcoming steps, please contact 311 to notify us. Additionally, if you have received a letter from the City but have already removed the stump yourself, please contact 311 to notify us.

Work on the removal of uprooted stumps may begin this fall and will resume in spring of 2023.

There are also over 2000 intact stumps remaining after the tree removals that occurred as a result of the storm. Removal of intact stumps will begin this fall and resume in spring of 2023.

Brush Operations

As much of the larger storm debris and brush has been collected by Public Works crews, the City will be returning to regular leaf and yard waste collection. Remaining storm debris will now be collected through the weekly organic waste collection program. Please ensure that brush or debris intended for weekly pickup meets the following criteria:

  • Only use compostable paper yard waste bags, a garbage can or cardboard boxes when setting out leaf and yard waste for collection
  • Ensure containers and bundles are no more than 15 kg (33 lb.) in weight
  • Extra leaf and yard waste goes in the green bin
  • Branches are to be tied in bundles of less than 1.2 m (4 ft.) in length and 60 cm (2 ft.) in width
  • Individual branches should be less than 10 cm (4 in.) in diameter
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn.
  • All leaf and yard waste must be bundled using biodegradable material. Twine or string is the best option. Wire, duct tape and plastic twine will not biodegrade

Tree Planting

The City is working to replace the trees lost by the storm. Residents who have had trees in front of their properties removed as a result of the storm are encouraged to request a new tree through the Trees in Trust program. Forestry staff are looking to expand tree planting efforts in 2023. This will include partnership opportunities and support for planting on private property in addition to annual tree planting programs. For more information on City planting programs, please visit the Tree planting web page.