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View and understand your property tax bill

Sign up for a My ServiceOttawa account

My ServiceOttawa is a useful online that allows users to manage their property tax bills online, including the ability to:

  • View current and previous bills
  • View current balance and payment history
  • Pay your bill
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Enrol in the Pre-Authorized Debit plan
  • Update your mailing address, and much more!

To register your property tax account to your My ServiceOttawa account, please follow these instructions. If you do not have a My ServiceOttawa account, you will firstly need to register for one.

Paperless billing

Sign up for Paperless Billing

Ottawa residents can sign up for paperless billing for property taxes. You can register multiple accounts using a single email address and password. This is a secure website where you can manage, view, print, and pay your bills online.


  • Receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready for viewing with the amount, due date and link to My ServiceOttawa
  • Reduce paper - fewer envelopes, stamps and cheques
  • Switch back to paper anytime

It’s easy and free to register for paperless bills

  1. Sign in to your My ServiceOttawa account.
  2. If you don’t have an account, create one.
  3. Once you are signed in, click on Property Tax under the Services Menu– you’ll need your tax roll number and access code from your most recent City of Ottawa tax bill. If you do not have the access code when attempting to add your property tax account to My ServiceOttawa contact the Revenue branch at 613-580-2444.
  4. Click the “Change Billing Method” button, and then select Paperless. You will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.

Changing your email for paperless bills

It is your responsibility to update your email address through My ServiceOttawa. Your participation in the program will be cancelled if your email notification is returned as undeliverable. If you would like to change the email address that is currently on file with My ServiceOttawa, please follow these instructions


How to read your bill

The following codes on your tax bill describe the services provided to select areas:

CAL – Conservation Authority Levy
CCR – Canterburry Community Covered Rink
FSR – Volunteer Fire Services
FSU – Fire Services
HDO – Kanata North Project
MNP – Kanata North Mosquito Nuisance Program
POL – Ottawa Police Services
WB – Solid Waste Bin Services
SWC – Solid Waste Curbside Services
T – Urban Transit
TRA – Rural Transit (extended bus service + Para Transpo)
TRB – Para Transpo (rural areas receiving Para Transpo service only)

Tax class description

C – Commercial
D – Office Building
F – Farmland
G – Parking Lot
H – Landfill
I - Industrial
J – Industrial (New construction)
K – Large Industrial (New construction)
L – Large Industrial
M – Multi-residential
N – New Multi-residential
P – Pipelines
Q – Sports Facility
R – Residential
S – Shopping Centre
T – Managed Forest
X – Commercial (New construction)
Y- Office Building (New construction)
Z- Shopping Centre (New construction)

Type of property

T – Taxable Full
U – Excess Land
X – Vacant Land
1 – Farmland Pending Development

Example: R T
(Tax Class) Residential
(Type) Taxable


Stormwater includes rain and melted water runoff, and is collected in culverts, collection pipes, ditches and storm ponds. Stormwater services ensure stormwater is safely transported throughout the City to protect roads, properties and local waterways, to avoid flooding and erosion. All City residents benefit from stormwater management. The stormwater charge is added to the property tax bill of those properties that do not receive a water utility bill. For more information, please refer to the water utility stormwater page


Will my payment on the interim tax bill be credited towards my final taxes?

Yes. The interim billing is to be treated as a “payment on account” and will be deducted from the final billing.

What does the number to the right of my name on the tax bill mean?

It is a sequence number used for the printing and mailing function. It has no relevance to the taxpayer or the tax office.

Why hasn’t my favourable Assessment Review Board decision been reflected on my final tax bill?

The tax bill must be paid as issued. The Education Act allows the municipality 120 days from the date in which the Assessment Review Board decision is released to process an adjustment on an account before interest is paid. If an adjustment is not reflected on your final tax bill but is within the 120 days no interest will be paid. Once the adjustment has been calculated the amount will be applied to your tax account and a letter will be sent identifying the amount. The person entitled to receive the refund will have the option of leaving a credit on their account or having a refund issued.

Why are tax payments due mid-month, and what if I make a late payment?

Property tax due dates are approved every year by City Council. Since more than 240,000 tax accounts must be billed and their corresponding payments recorded in a short time period, the third Thursdays of March and June were chosen to ensure payments could be properly recorded and in the bank by month’s end. Payments after the due date are subject to a penalty of 1.25 per cent.

How much of the year does the interim tax cover?

The interim tax bill is a payment on account towards your annual taxes. It does not cover a specific period of time. This interim payment will be deducted from your final bill, which covers the calendar year when it is issued later.

Additional information

For further information concerning the functions of municipal taxation, including how your taxes are calculated and distributed, please visit our tax policy webpage. 

Disclosure of personal information

In order to protect the personal privacy of account holders, the Revenue Division does not provide verbal information about property tax and water accounts to third parties such as real estate agents, lawyers. The City will continue to release information on tax and water accounts to property owners, mortgage companies identified on the City's tax application and tenants, where authorized by legislation.

Assessment information may be obtained from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation or by viewing the assessment roll at City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West. Estimates for the Residential, Farm and Managed Forest classes can be obtained through the City's Property Tax Estimator.

For more information, please contact City's Revenue Services at 613-580-2444 (TTY 613-580-2401), or e-mail

Descriptive video: Paperless billing

Hi, I’m Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa. Join me and many other residents for paperless City billing. You have 24/7 access to your account records. It reduces the need for paper, envelope, and cheques. And you can pay online. Signing up is easy. First: sign into your ServiceOttawa account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to create one. Second: Answer the security questions that are unique to your account. The information is located on your last bill. Now you will be notified by email when your bill is ready – with the due date and amount. Finally – click billing method and select paperless. Less wait time, less filing. It’s that simple. So let's go paperless.