East Urban Community Phase 3 Area Community Design Plan

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East Urban Community (EUC) Phase 3 Area

The East Urban Community (EUC) Phase 3 Area (formerly called the East Urban Community Mixed Use Centre) is located at the south end of Orléans and is one of the last remaining greenfield areas in eastern Ottawa. Situated south of the Innes Road Arterial Mainstreet corridor, the Study Area lies to the east and south of a number of established neighbourhoods and to the north of a quickly growing residential area.

This CDP is one of the documents that have been prepared to guide land use and development of this greenfield area. Other documents include the: Area Parks Plan (APP); Master Servicing Study (MSS); and Master Transportation Study (MTS). These supporting documents fulfill the requirements under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for a coordinated process.

Development of the EUC Phase 3 Area will provide a liveable community based on implementation of a Land Use Plan, Demonstration Plan, APP, MSS, MTS, and design guidelines. The CDP will serve as a guiding policy document for the City of Ottawa when reviewing applications for development within the Study Area.

The East Urban Community (EUC) Phase 3 Area [ PDF 7.154 MB ]