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The City provides utility mapping, surveying, drawings and reports supporting planning, design, construction, legal and real estate activities.

These services are provided by Geospatial Analytics, Technology and Solutions and Surveys and Mapping groups.

Please note the Engineering and Utility services on this page are for City services in the right-of-way only. This group does not provide information on private services outside of the road right-of-way.

For water or sewer service connection information, please call 3-1-1.

GIS data request

Consultants, contractors including authorized third-party agents working on behalf of the City may request geographic information that is not available on City of Ottawa Open Data Portal, such as parcel fabric, aerial imagery, topography and hydrography.

The GIS data request form must identify the City project name for which the information is required, identify the City’s project lead and complete all the necessary information in the form. If the request is limited to a specific area, an ESRI shapefile of this study area is also required to support the request. The City will grant licensee a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use digital files of the City Data for the duration of the project through a data license agreement.

The form provides a full list of GIS data that is available to request including a list of additional datasets that are available online under the jurisdiction and ownership of the Government of Ontario and/or Government of Canada.

City of Ottawa Open Data Portal

The City launched the open data catalogue initiative in 2010, which today features almost 400 data sets, ranging from information about where to find bike repair stations to what upcoming construction is planned in the City.

Geospatial Analytics, Technology and Solutions (GATS) maintains a number of data sets in the catalogue, including several for key City’s initiatives like our climate action plan, the ward boundary review and our e-scooter pilot.

External data resources

Additional datasets are available under the jurisdiction and ownership of the Government of Ontario and/or Government of Canada. These datasets can be directly downloaded by accessing the various web portals listed below.

Land Information Ontario (LIO) – Ontario GeoHub - Spatial data available: Waterbody, Significant Wetlands, Wetlands (Unevaluated), Tile Drainage Area, Soils – OMAFRA, Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), etc.

Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) – OGSEarth - Spatial data available: Abandoned Mine Features, Abandoned Mine Sites, Sand and Gravel, Sand and Gravel Buried, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geology Lines, Surficial Geology Poly, Wells Bedrock, Wells Sand, etc.

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC)- Spatial data available: Bedrock Geology, Drift Thickness, etc.

Government of Canada’s geospatial information portal – Open Maps - Spatial data available: Canadian Digital Elevation Model, Land cover of Canada

Miscellaneous maps available to purchase

Various maps are available to purchase on the City of Ottawa's store. You can purchase the following items:

  • General Use Urban Area
  • Vacant Urban Residential Land Survey

Once an order is placed, a Client Service Representative will contact you to confirm the availability of the product(s), applicable taxes and total cost, and will notify you when the order is ready. You will also be sent an appointment link.

  • Regrettably, on-line orders will not be shipped.
  • Pick-up at your preferred Client Service Centre by appointment only.
  • Payment is made in-person, at the time of pick-up of your order. These items are subject to HST.
  • All personal information you provide us is processed on a secure server

Refund/Return Policy

All sales are final. The City of Ottawa's store does not provide refunds or returns for products ordered. Returns are only accepted in those cases where a product is defective, or if the product received does not correspond to the product ordered. Should you have any inquires in regards to your purchase, please contact us.

Telephone: 3-1-1 (Toll-free 1-866-261-9799/TTY 613-580-2401)

Mail: 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

Or you can access 311 services through 3-1-1 online