Maps and zoning

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geoOttawa is an interactive map tool that allows you to view map layers, get information and answers about the locations in the City of Ottawa.  Search by address, intersections, streets, facilities, or park names to find a location. Many different layers of information are available such as parks, schools, City facilities, property parcels, roads, zoning and aerial photos dating back to 1928.  geoOttawa is your starting point for mapping available from the City of Ottawa.

How to find out if your house is in the 1-in-100 year flood plain

The 1-in-100 year flood plain is the area of land which would be subject to flooding during the 1-in-100 year flood.  There is a 1% chance in any given year of a flood occurring that would meet or exceed the extent of flooding represented by the 1-in-100 year flood plain.