Where is my Plow

The Where is My Plow web tool was launched last winter as a pilot project that provided time estimates for the arrival of a snow plow on residential streets only.  The web tool will not be available to the public during the upcoming winter season.  During the pilot phase, Where is My Plow was limited to residential streets, and it was difficult to relay to residents why their address was not included in the tool when they lived on a higher class street.  In addition, significant weather events caused changes to typical operational deployment processes, impacting the ability of the Where is My Plow system to report accurately. 

The real-time tracking technology will continue to be used internally by the Roads Branch, Contact Centre and Councillors as an operational tool as it provides a great resource to staff during major winter storm events. This will make it easier for staff to manage the fleet and redirect resources to the areas where they are needed most

What to expect during a winter storm

what to expect during a winter storm