Where is my Plow

The City of Ottawa is committed to helping make our city safe for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. During a winter snow storm, Where Is My Plow will show real time estimates for city snow plowing on local roads only.

The city’s road network is divided into two road categories for winter maintenance:

a) The higher priority roads include main roads (arterial) and neighborhood roads (collector), and include transit routes. These roads are maintained at a high frequency, and are NOT included in Where is My Plow.

b) As the storm progresses, the remaining local roads are plowed only after 7 cm of snow accumulation. The Where is My Plow web tool pilot applies to ONLY these remaining local roads.

Where is My Plow will be activated during a winter storm only after a minimum of 7 cm or more of snow accumulation. Where is My Plow will provide an estimate of the arrival time for snow plowing equipment based on the most up-to-date operations information available. As the plowing conditions can change throughout the day, we encourage you to check periodically to obtain the most up to date estimate.

During a winter storm, Ottawa's resources are deployed systematically to clear snow accumulation. Learn more about What to Expect during a Storm or watch the video about winter snow clearing operations in Ottawa.

Please note that the Where is My Plow tool does not predict estimates for sidewalk plowing. It does not include private roads or laneways, and some dead-end streets that are serviced by other specialized equipment. Please review the Disclaimer for more details on Where is My Plow.

What to expect during a winter storm

what to expect during a winter storm

Where is My Plow

There is no plowing in progress on local roads at this time.  Plowing of local roads will begin only after a minimum of 7 cm of snow accumulation.