Trees and community forests

Trees are important and distinctive features within our cities. Their benefits to our daily lives and their contributions to the well being of our communities are well recognized. Trees provide social, cultural, environmental, economic, health and aesthetic benefits to both urban and rural communities. Trees not only contribute to the beautification of the City, but it is also a key component improving the quality of life for the residents of Ottawa.

The benefits of trees are numerous. Trees minimizes our carbon footprint, reduces the heat island effect, improves air quality and health, helps combat climate change, increases property value and provides privacy, reduces heating and cooling costs, improves the safety and security of surrounding area, reduces stormwater runoff, and provides wildlife habitats.

Trees define the spaces that we live in and their aesthetic beauty has a great impact on the quality of life in our City.

  • The City has instituted a formal 4-phase assessment process to investigate the circumstances related to mature municipal trees that are suspected of contributing to foundation damage.

  • Get advice on when to water newly planted trees, mature trees, or trees near foundations.