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Online catalogue

Search the Ottawa Museums & Archives Collections online catalogue.

Select the City of Ottawa Archives collection to access a wide range of materials available online including maps, photographs, architectural drawings, and artifacts.

To access the records found in our online catalogue and for recommendations of other records not yet online, please contact us.

Corporate resource library

A limited number of our corporate reports holdings are described online.

Search the Corporate Resource Library.

To retrieve these items, please e-mail or call 613-580-2857. Please quote the box number, the classification code for the document (where available) and the title. These materials will be available in the Archives Reference Room at the Central Archives. Additional lead-time will be required if you wish to view these items at the Rideau Archives in North Gower.

Research Guides

The following guides are offered as tools to understand how we provide Reference Services and for researching the different records that are found in our collections. For further guidance, please contact Reference Services.


geoOttawa is an interactive map tool that allows you to view map layers, get information and answers about the locations in the City of Ottawa.  Search by address, intersections, streets, facilities, or park names to find a location. Many different layers of information are available such as parks, schools, City facilities, property parcels, roads, zoning and aerial photos dating back to 1928.  geoOttawa is your starting point for mapping available from the City of Ottawa.