Elmwood School

Located in the heart of Rockcliffe Park, Elmwood School as an institution is over 100-years old. Elmwood started life in 1915 in a dilapidated old farmhouse and over the years has grown and expanded, with each new building project signalling a strengthening, refinement and confirmation of Elmwood’s mission – to inspire girls to reach their full potential.

The original farmhouse was owned by the Keefer Family and housed the school from 1915 through 1925 when it was demolished and replaced with a three storey school in the neo-Tudor style. The barn from the old Keefer farm remains and was converted into an auditorium which was also used as the school's gymnasium. These spaces were the heart of the school and remain virtually unchanged today.

In 1949 an addition was funded by Thomas Ahearn and included a science laboratory, one of the first in a girls' school at the time. The style of this addition was reminiscent of the 1925 building but with some refinements, quoted as "presenting a fine example of Old English Domestic Architecture". In 1980 the school grew with the addition of more classrooms and in 1988 a large gymnasium was built.

Finally, in the early 2000s a second structure was built for students Kindergarten through grade 5. This bright and modern building was designed by Griffiths Rankin & Cook Architects and opened in 2002. The school has not grown in size since 2002. Some renovations have been made to classroom spaces throughout the school, including a state-of-the art Science & Innovation space which is located in the old Ahearn Memorial Wing. Elements of the original school remain, including a large reproduction of the Parthenon frieze which was gifted to the school in 1929 by Old Girls.

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  • Saturday, June 3 2023
    10am to 4pm

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Architect/Builder on record
Likely John Albert Ewart (son of David Ewart, Dominion Architect)
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