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An impressive 19th century Gothic Revival farm house, Fairfields Heritage House represents the homestead and community building legacy of the Bell family. Originally built on 660 acres of farm land, the museum tells the story of almost 200 years of rich, local history and the people who so actively helped shape the evolution of the area.

Beautiful green lawns surround the house and are an invitation to spend leisure time at the site. With a gazebo, gardens, and statuesque trees the space is perfect for picnics, exploration, and family-friendly activities.

Hours and admission

Hours of operation: 

Please note that museum is currently closed. 


Admission is by donation.

*Special pricing may apply for programs and events.  

Programs and special events

There are no special programs and events scheduled at this time. Follow the museum on Facebook or subscribe to the “At your museum” eNewsletter for updates.

Collections and exhibits

Artefact collections

Purchased by William Bell in the 1820s, the Bell family homestead – now known as Fairfields Heritage House – remained in the Bell family for nearly 175 years. The collection of 3,000 artefacts tells the history of five generations of the Bell family within the context of the greater Ottawa area. Many of these objects are on exhibition at the historic house.


Recreated historic rooms of this designated heritage property tell the story of the many generations of the Bell family who made their mark on the home, the property, and their community over the 175 years they lived at the site. Artefacts, including furniture, personal belongings, and artwork tell the story of the Bell family's shifting priorities from farming to social issues to politics.

Virtual Tour

Can’t visit the museum in person? Fairfields Heritage House can be toured from the comfort of your own home. This virtual tour gives you a 3D look at of the Bell family homestead.

Use the coloured circles to help guide you:

  • Click on the grey circles on the floor to navigate around the museum.
  • Click on the blue circles to discover the house and artefacts.
  • Click on the yellow circles to view images from the past.
  • Click and drag anywhere on screen to rotate your view 360°.

Our volunteers

The City of Ottawa Museums are committed to offering residents meaningful and rewarding volunteer experiences.

Heritage volunteers play an invaluable role in preserving our unique heritage and in providing museum visitors of all ages with opportunities to appreciate our shared story.

Thank you to all our volunteer team members for their continued support.

To enquire about volunteering, please contact museums@ottawa.ca.


A 19th-century Gothic Revival farmhouse sitting on two acres of greenspace provides a picturesque backdrop for your intimate outdoor gathering.

Please note that rentals are not being offered at this time. If you have questions regarding the rental program, please contact our Customer Service Booking Clerk by calling 613-580-9638 or emailing museums@ottawa.ca.


Work with us to shape your experience. Contact the museum before your visit to discuss your needs. Information about accessibility at the facility, programs, and services is available upon request.

The accessibility features of this facility are detailed below. While the City of Ottawa is constantly working to improve access, please note that not all parts of every facility are necessarily 'accessible for all' as facilities were built to meet accessibility standards of their time.


  • 25 metres from parking space to the door

Passenger Loading Zone

  • Cut curb


  • 1  accessible entrance
  • Ramp
  • Wide door for wheelchair passage

Reception desks

  • Floor area for manoeuvring a wheelchair


  • Accessible washroom on 1st floor
  • Lowered sink counters
  • Lowered towel dispensers
  • Large stalls to allow transfers


  • Stairs with no-slip surface
  • Continuous hand rails

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