Ottawa Poet Laureate Program

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Ottawa Poet Laureate Program

In 2014, VERSe Ottawa and the Ottawa Poet Laureate Program working committee worked with the City of Ottawa to develop a new poet laureate program. The new program selects both an English-language and a French-language poet to serve as official Ottawa poets laureate.

At VERSEfest 2017, it was announced that the inaugural poets laureate would be Andrée Lacelle and Jamaal Jackson Rogers. They are each serving a two-year term.

The two Ottawa poets laureate serve as Ottawa’s literary ambassadors. With this title and their writings, they represent the Ottawa poetry community both in Ottawa and beyond.

Each year, the poets laureate participate in a presentation at a meeting of City Council; conduct poetry lectures and events for broadcast or at schools, universities, libraries, and various civic events; work with other artists and communities; and sponsor poetic performances.

Andrée and Jamaal are advancing Ottawa’s unique voice in the world!

Poèmes de la Cité 2019

Andrée Lacelle’s 2019 project, Poèmes de la Cité 2019, is now available online. Please note that this project is available in French only.

For more information on the Ottawa Poet Laureate Program, see VERSeOttawa.