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Export information

There are several organizations in Ottawa that assist exporters, including:

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

The Trade Commissioner Service of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade helps companies that have researched and selected their target markets. Services include: assessing target market potential; list of qualified contacts; advice on timing and organizing your trip; face-to-face briefing by a commercial officer; information on local market organizations or companies; troubleshooting if you have a market access problem. The website provides access to various international market reports and sources of export promotion finance.

To learn more, visit the Canadian Trade Commisioner Service website.

Canadian Commercial Corporation

CCC is a crown corporation established in 1946 to assist Canadian businesses selling to other countries. It acts as an international trade facilitator and prime contractor, and offers a wide range of contracting services.

To learn more, visit the Canadian Commercial Corporation website.

Ontario Exports Inc.

Ontario Exports is the lead trade agency of the Government of Ontario. It helps Ontario firms begin to export or expand markets and can assist foreign buyers to find Ontario suppliers for their purchasing requirements.

To learn more, visit the Ontario Exports website.

Team Canada Inc.

Team Canada Inc. is a partnership of federal, provincial and territorial governments helping Canadian companies succeed in world markets. The website provides very useful information on various steps required to become a successful exporter.

To learn more, visit the Team Canada Inc. website.

Business Development Bank of Canada

BDC offers working capital for exporters; innovation loans; venture loans; term loans; productivity improvement loans; foreign buyer financing; loans to implement e-commerce. BDC has strategic alliances with major financial organizations to serve the financial need of small to medium sized companies.

To learn more, visit the Business Development Bank website.

Export Development Corporation

EDC provides insurance services (including accounts receivable, contract cancellation, letter of credit); coverage for contract bonds; political risk insurance; export trade and project financing; line of credit (supplier credit financing and buyer credit financing); and equity investments (investment in a foreign company, project joint venture and Canadian exporter).

To learn more, visit the Export Development Corporation website.


Strategis is a comprehensive business and consumer site detailing business services, programs, directories, statistical analysis, trade databases, financing, legislation employment, learning programs and other services related to business.

To learn more, visit the Strategis website.

Canadian International Development Agency

CIDA's programs include: Industrial Cooperation Program (CIDA-INC), a shared-cost program to support private sector firms seeking to expand into developing countries; Renaissance Eastern Europe Program for businesses interested in obtaining funding for projects in Central and Eastern Europe; and Development Information Program (DIP) for Canadian applicants working in the print, broadcast and electronic media and other communications vehicles.

To learn more, visit the CIDA website.

Canada Business Ontario (CBO)

Canada Business Ontario (CBO) is part of the Canada Business Network, a source for information on government services for business — from start-up, financing, growth to regulatory compliance. In Ontario, CBO provides business information and services from both the federal and provincial governments — all at no cost. Whether you’re starting a new business, growing an established company or adapting to changes, CBO is your business information connection.

Connect with CBO online or by telephone for government information and services: ontario@canadabusiness.ca / 1-888-576-4444

Government services for entrepreneurs

A collaborative arrangement among 43 Government of Canada departments, provincial, territorial governments and, in some cases, not-for-profit organizations has led to an on-line resource called “Canada Business”. Canada Business helps Canadian entrepreneurs get the correct and region-appropriate information, advice and support they need to build their businesses. The service allows entrepreneurs to do research on the web, by telephone or in-person on government agencies and services, and/or request assistance with their business needs. This service is currently not available in person due to COVID-19 closures. The ultimate goal is to help Canadian entrepreneurs succeed in establishing, managing and growing their businesses by providing them with a variety of information in one convenient location.