Development sign

Development signs are identification and promotional signs located on the developer or builder's own property where the development is to occur either as one project or in phases.

Development signs can be either ground or wall-mounted and can include the following types of signs utilized by the development industry:

  • Primary ground signs promoting the development
  • Directional signs to model homes
  • Model home identification signs
  • Sales centre signs
  • Amenities signs

Before you begin

Development signs are subject to the sign permit process, which involves the submission of an application and, a sign detail form for larger projects, a sign plan that outlines the types and locations of signs a developer is planning to install. For smaller projects, one permit per sign is required, however, for sign plans, one permit covers all the signs identified in the sign plan.

Submission requirements

  1. A completed application form and sign detail form
  2. Payment of the application fee based on the table set out in the fee schedule.
  3. For ground signs, a scaled elevation drawing of each type of sign including the base support detail.
  4. For wall-mounted development signs, a scaled building elevation drawing(s) illustrating the proposed wall-mounted signs.
  5. For wall-mounted signs, a cross-section detailing wall construction, and fastening details.
  6. For wall-mounted signs, provide photos of the building.
  7. For ground-mounted signs 20 sq. m. (215 sq. ft.) or greater in area, photos of the location, including a photo of the land use directly opposite the sign that is not located on the property or phase currently under construction.
  8. For proposals with greater than three (3) development signs:
    1. A scaled sign plan drawing illustrating; internal roads, parking areas, buildings, property lines, entrances/exits, traffic signals and all ground signs utilizing symbols to reflect the different types of signs listed in the legend referenced in the table below
    2. The legend details each sign type, dimension, sign face area, total number of signs by type and the total proposed sign area for all signs to be located on the property.
  9. For location requirements and setback information, please refer to Part 12 of By-law 2016-326

NOTE: The maximum permitted sign area is based on the size of the property as detailed in the following table:

Aspect Regulated II Area of development less than or equal to 550 M2 III Area of development OVER 550 M2 TO 1000 M2 IV Area of development OVER 1000 M2TO 5000 M2 V Area of development OVER 5000 M2 TO 10000 M2 VI Area of development OVER 1 HA
Maximum total sign face area 2 m² 6 m² 20 m² 50 m² 50 m² per hectare
Maximum Height of any sign 3 m 5 m 5 m 7 m 7 m
Maximum sign face area of any one sign 2 m² 6 m² 6 m² 20 m² 22 m²

Sign plans

A sign plan is required for proposals with greater than three (3) development signs. Its purpose is to identify the types and locations of the proposed signs on the development site. A sign plan typically includes the planned locations of all signs, including but not limited to:

  • Primary ground signs promoting the development
  • Directional signs to model homes
  • Model home identification signs
  • Sales centre signs
  • Amenities signs
Example of a sign plan

Signs approved as part of a sign plan can be moved unaltered, within the property. Each individual sign that is part of the sign plan will be subject to maximum height, area and location restrictions. The maximum square footage of the sign face will be based on the total area of the proposed development.


Development Sign, Development area 1,000 m2 - $419

Development area 1,000 to 5,000 - $765

Development area > 5000 m2 - $1,481


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