Directional development sign

Directional development signs are permitted under sign permits on vacant land, except in residential zones and DR O1, and L3 zones. These signs provide a public service to prospective buyers who aren't familiar with the locale and need wayfinding assistance. The signage contributes to safety on the roadways by clearly directing the public to their intended destinations.

Before you begin

Development signs are subject to the sign permit process, which involves the submission of an application and a sign detail form.

Submission Requirements

  1. A completed application form and sign detail form.
  2. Payment of the application fee based on the table set out in the fee schedule.
  3. A scaled site plan including:
    1. Dimensioned property lines
    2. Existing development i.e. buildings, parking areas, vehicular entrances/exits, internal roads, existing ground signs, traffic signal locations (if applicable), easements and rights of way.
    3. Location of proposed ground signs
    4. Sign setback from property lines, roads, buildings and traffic signals (if applicable).
  4. A scaled elevation drawing of the proposed signs including the information and/or images to be places on the sign.
  5. For size requirements and setback information, please refer to By-law 2016-326


Directional Development Sign - $419


For additional information, please contact: Addressing and Signs at 613-580-2424, ext. 41162.