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2019-2022 City Strategic Plan

City Strategic Plan

The 2019-2022 City Strategic Plan is the key corporate planning document defining what Council plans to accomplish over its four-year term. It contains the Term of Council Priorities (approved by Council on December 11, 2019) and will serve as the City’s roadmap to success, ensuring our programs and services address the changing needs of the diverse community we serve.

The City Strategic Plan does not provide a complete list of all the services and programs the City provides; it does, however, capture the significant actions that address the Term of Council Priorities.

About our strategy

The City Strategic Plan is presented around three themes: our city, our service and our people. Under these themes, are seven Term of Council Priorities, with concrete actions to help achieve outcomes. The following strategy map illustrates how the themes and priorities align to deliver on our strategy and make Ottawa as the best place in Canada to live, work and study, and a destination capital known around the world.

Our city – economic growth & diversification, integrated transportation, thriving communities, environmental stewardship. Our service - excellence through innovation, sustainable infrastructure, Our people - thriving workforce.

The City's Corporate Planning Framework, is used to develop the City Strategic Plan.

Find out about more about our strategy and the actions we will take to achieve our outcomes from now until 2022.  

2019-2022 Strategic Plan [PDF - 6 MB]