Making a difference one shift at a time

Published on
August 15, 2023
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Recreation and parks

If you’ve been reading the news over the past few months, you may have noticed a pattern of people returning to the workforce after being retired for a few years. For Luisa, Don and Marty, doing so was just a natural step into a new, exciting chapter of their lives. A chapter that allows them to stay active, meet new people and make a difference in the lives of residents, all while making a bit of extra money on the side.

Luisa and Don work together at François Dupuis Recreation Centre in Orléans as pickleball instructors. They enjoy the great facility and work environment, where colleagues work as a team and can easily cover each other’s shifts, providing them with a manageable number of hours per week. This is one of the main reasons that drove them to this type of job because it allows them to enjoy hobbies and retired life outside of work.

Luisa was a chartered accountant for 32 years with the Canadian Revenue Agency and retired in May 2022 before joining the City of Ottawa. She loves being able to meet new people at François Dupuis and develop friendships with all age groups.

Luisa playing pickleball in a tennis court outside with a park and trees in the background.

Don also retired after 32 years but he had previously been with the City of Ottawa as an aquatics supervisor at Bob McQuarrie Recreation Complex. Both Luisa and Don love how flexible and fun the job is, and they take pride in their diplomacy, level-headedness and courtesy – all valued skills for City staff.

Don, inside a gym, throwing a pickleball into the air with one hand and holding a paddle with his other hand.

Similar to the gentlemen in our story earlier this year, Marty started working as a part-time lifeguard with the City in October 2022. He is a retired Canadian Armed Forces Veteran and believes that lifesaving is a duty to serve, but in a different way. Being a lifeguard is the perfect job for him because he loves being able to work in an aquatic environment.

Marty swimming in a lake with goggles on and trees in the background.

We can all learn a little something from Luisa, Don and Marty: staying active while serving Ottawa residents is a great way to have fun and make a difference. A part-time job in recreation and culture allows you to meet new people – or connect with old friends! Don tells us that he gets to see a lot of the people that he used to go to school with many years ago. Talk about a throwback!

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